It’s That Time Of Year Again And Despite 2021 Being A Continuation Of Chaos From 2020, Let’s Take A Second To Reflect On The Good.

Another year in the books to leave a bitter taste in our mouths.

The pandemic is still a thing, Trump-lovers stormed the damn Capital, a war on women’s reproductive rights has been waged and we experienced a devastating tragedy at the Astro World festival, which left two North Texans — one aged 27, one 9 — dead out of a total of nine reported deaths.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negatives of the year because come on, these are really big negatives. But it’s not healthy to dwell on the bad — especially during the Thanksgiving season. So, we’re continuing the tradition from past years of highlighting all the Dallas things we’re thankful for.

And if you allow us to indulge ourselves — we, your Central Track editors, are most of all thankful for the opportunity that was given to us this year after the departure of our beloved founder, editor and mentor, Pete Freedman.

The experience so far has led to a lot of stress crying, sleepless nights and borderline identity-crises, but we would be crazy to not value our position for what it is — an insanely lucky opportunity.

We have really been feeling the love with sweet Tweets like this one. <3

However, we have mostly been met with open arms. We appreciate every spec of love and support we have received from our loved ones and even new faces. We will never forget. So, shout out to our lovers, our haters and everyone who has continued to make Central Track cool AF. We’re taking on this torch to greatness so allow us to do just that.

We are very new to this, mistakes have and will be made and there is still a big learning curve (unless you didn’t notice anything — then no there’s not. We’re perfect).

Thank you for supporting Central Track and for letting two young gals live out their journalistic dreams. We have a lot to offer and we hope you stick around to see them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1.  Getting involved in the community.
  2.  Vaccinations.
  3.  Dallas’ great music taste.
  4. New restaurants.
  5. Being able to keep our favorite events alive virtually.
  6.  Hot chicken, tell me what you’re missin’.
  7.  Finding out who the menaces of North Texas are.
  8.  Love.
  9.  Staying hydrated.
  10. Texas treasure Leon Bridges.
  11. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck being confirmed Dallasites.
  12. Seeing the beauty in scary situations. 
  13. Companies giving back. 
  14.  Alcohol always being there for you (responsibly.) 
  15. Dallas actors making it big.
  16. The people who make Deep Ellum what it is. 
  17. Helping each other in times of need.
  18. Taking a step towards the decriminalization of weed.
  19. Ignoring the Governor. 
  20. The welcomed return of concerts. 
  21. Staying informed. 
  22. Calling out for-profit churches.
  23. Protesting.
  24. Dancing.
  25. Returning to theaters.
  26. Challenging yourself creatively. 
  27. Themed restaurants. 
  28. Kick-ass athletes.
  29. Keeping a close eye on what music celebrities listen to. 
  30. Support and sobriety.
  31.  Vasectomies. 
  32. Good Twitter accounts for Mavs fans. 
  33. Government officials’ numbers being public record.
  34. Truth To Power.
  35. Pride.
  36. Making fun of QAnon.
  37. Camels.
  38. Companies doing silly things.
  39. Fighting back against unfair ordinances. 
  40. Dallas shout-outs in songs.
  41. Baked goods as a love language. 
  42. Clogged arteries. 
  43. Lemurs not being where they’re supposed to. 
  44. Loving 7-Eleven more than Buc-ees.
  45. Stuffing your face with corn dogs.
  46. Finding the strength to leave.
  47. Secret shows.
  48. Highlighting excellence in the Latin community. 
  49. Repping Dallas on an international stage.
  50. Bros who got you smilin’ like that.
  51. New skate spots.
  52. Guilty people getting in trouble.
  53. Breaking the glass ceiling. 
  54. Killing bad Dallas rep.
  55. Irony. 
  56. Vast support for Britney Spears.
  57. Friday the 13th tattoos.
  58. Brunch.
  59. Photography.
  60. Looking at the bright side of freaky situations — aka the memes. 
  61. Checking Yelp.
  62. Every day that’t not the second Tuesday of August.
  63. Pussy Riot.
  64. The fighting spirit of Riley Gale.
  65. Laughing at sports.
  66. Being honest with oursleves.
  67. Questionably-themed bars.
  68. Chadwick Murray’s legacy.
  69. Doing the Time Warp.
  70. To-go alcohol becoming legal.
  71. Awesome basketball courts.
  72. Support for local musicians.
  73. Spooky playlists.
  74. Halloween costumes.
  75. Kind ducks.
  76. Bisous Bisous vs Bisou.
  77. Meaningful art.
  78. F1 racing.
  79. Joshua Ray Walker.
  80. The 2021-2022 NHL season.
  81. New beginnings for Frances (that’s me!)
  82. New beginnings for Stephanie.
  83. New beginnings for Pete.
  84. Forever hating the State Fair.
  85. Healthy competition. 
  86. Reproductive rights.
  87. Old yearbooks.
  88. Sarah Jaffe.
  89. Jack White’s love for baseball. 
  90. The good times at Anvil Pub.
  91. Comedies about Kim Jong-un. 
  92. Everyone who helped get Central Track to where it is.
  93. Tripping Daisy’s Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb.
  94. Popular shows being shot in Fort Worth.
  95.  Making fun of Neiman Marcus.
  96. Barney the dinosaur.
  97. Kitty cats.
  98. Delta-8 being legal (for now.)
  99. Denton staying weird.
  100. Women-owned businesses.


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