After Almost 10 Years Of Helming Central Track As Its Editor, I’m Stepping Aside From My Role And Having A New Generation Of Dallas Journalists Take Charge.

Last week, when I announced Stephanie Salas-Vega and Frances Tingle as new hires to Central Track’s editorial staff, I promised that there would be additional changes for the site announced shortly.

Well, here’s another one: Some 10 years after launching this publication, I am stepping aside from my role as the editor of this site.

Dallasites aren’t getting rid of me that easily, though: On November 15, I will begin the next phase of my career as the Director of Digital Content at WFAA, where I will be tasked with managing their website, their app, their socials and various other non-televised broadcast operations. I am thrilled to be joining such a proud and rightly lauded legacy Dallas media institution, thankful that they understand the vision that I’ve been trying to bring to fruition at Central Track this past decade and eager to soon begin working alongside the many talented people on their team.

I am also extremely excited about what the future holds for Central Track under Frances and Stephanie’s watch.

This website has always been unapologetically aimed at the 18- to 35-year-olds who live and breathe the culture of this city, and the hard truth is that I myself aged out of that demographic a few years back now. Meanwhile, this new tandem of talented young journalists in charge falls squarely in that target reader range, and they have proven to me that they are more than capable of taking the reins from here.

Over the next month, I’ll be closely working alongside them to coach them up where need be, give them the tips of the trade that I’ve learned through my time with Central Track and setting them up as best I can for success. And I’ll still be penning more than a handful of new stories myself in my final few weeks as editor here, too.

Moving forward, readers shouldn’t expect too much of an outward change in editorial operations — at least not right away. All of your favorite Central Track contributors and recurring features will remain in place, with Stephanie and Frances simply adding their own flourishes on top of those as they get comfortable in their new roles.

While some other details about administrative operations still need a few more weeks to take shape, I can promise you this: Central Track will remain as dedicated to covering this city’s vibrant music, food, drink, nightlife, fashion, arts and culture scenes as it always has.

As ever, though, its ongoing success will depend on your support. Just as our readers stepped up and helped ensure this website’s survival during the stressful early-goings of the coronavirus pandemic, I hope you all will continue to support the site’s efforts moving forward without me.

Please keep reading this site. Please keep sharing its articles. Please keep supporting its contributors.

Central Track has never — ever — been about one person. It’s been about the many voices it provides a platform, the people it covers and the readers it services.

This next chapter in its life will make that even more known. That much, I’m sure of.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for your continued support of Central Track.



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