What is Central Track and why should you advertise with us?

Central Track covers everything the young, outgoing Dallasite is interested in — music, restaurants, bars, nightlife, fashion, sports, art and anything else connected to the most happening events in town on a given week — through the online-only, social media- and mobile-ready means that our readers clearly prefer.

We’re different, sure. But we’re not revolutionary.

We’re just embracing the revolution.

// Our target demographic is 18- to 35-year-olds who live in and around Dallas, and who want to know about the coolest happenings around the city, along with the most pertinent bits of culture news relating to their lifestyle.

// Our average reader is 27 years old — just as it has been since our website’s inception in 2012.

// The youngest average age of readership among our top competitors is 42 years old. That’s a world of difference.

// We’re the go-to-source in Dallas for trendsetters, connectors and influencers.

// We average 100,000 unique visitors per month and upwards of 5,000 daily visitors (depending on subject matter posted on the website on a given day).

// We have had over 8 million pageviews since our launch on February 12, 2012.

// We post an average of four to seven new stories that are directly relevant to our readers every single weekday.

// Our social media presence is considerable, with a reach of over 62,000 in our targeted demographic each day on Facebook (17.1k), Twitter (13.9k) and Instagram (32.5k).

Here are some of the ways that you can advertise with Central Track

Monthly Display

We have all different types and sizes of web ads to suit your goals and budget. Ads appear throughout our site — on the homepage, in the content sections and within the articles. Have a particular focus? We can customize your package towards a particular section.

Sponsored Stories

Advertorials on steroids! Why steroids?! Because Lance Armstrong is our copywriter.


We use Mailchimp to deliver emails to our subscribers on a regular basis. It’s #bananas.

Social Media

Grow your reach and social community with Central Track social media partnerships!