Five Dallas Photographers’ Visual Perspectives On A Crippling Winter Storm Combine To Showcase A Cold, At-Times Desolate But Ultimately Enduring City.

Cover photo by High Vis.

It’s been a truly wild week here in Texas. A damaging one, too.

How damaging? Well, with temperatures finally rising above freezing, we’re about to find out — just as we’ll continue to do so in the coming weeks as more details and revelations about the extent of the damage come to light.

In addition to getting to the bottom of who to blame for our state’s power grid failures and how their errors can be corrected, for some time, we’ll be determining the true extent of the damage that frozen and burst pipes have caused our water systems.

For now, it’s still tough to tell just how bad things are — especially with most of us having been cooped up at home without power or running water for extended stretches, and justifiably staying off the roads. (If you’re still in need of assistance, a warming center or even just information on the situation — or if you’re interested in learning about some ways in which you can help — please visit our North Texas Winter Storm Dashboard.)

But as many of us huddled up with our loved ones and pets, playing board games by candlelight and rushing to boil water when the power would return for the shortest of spells, many Dallas photographers chose to brave the elements and pound the pavement in order to capture some rare images of a white Dallas.

Five such photographers from around the city have been kind enough to share with Central Track the frozen fruits of their labor — photos that showcase familiar landmarks covered in snow, business doing its best to carry on as usual and citizens openly gawking at the scenes unfolding around them.

Looking at their combined work, it’s clear that Dallas — even in the coldest of scenarios — remains a beautiful sight.

Stay warm inside, and just enjoy the outside view below.

Edwin Barron


Hunter Collins

Oscar Lozada

Justin Terveen

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