Dallas Drinkers Have A Plethora Of Options As Far As Spots Where They Can Go Toss A Few Back. How Many Of These 101 Classic Dallas Bars Have You Been To?

Folks in Dallas sure do love to drink — to the tune of $65 million spent at local bars each month on average. Yes, it’s safe to assume we’re all doing our part in helping rack up those kind of numbers, be it by visiting new bars, old bars or even outright douchey ones.

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While some of us tend to stick to the spots where the bartenders already know our names and every face in the joint is familiar, others among us fancy ourselves well-traveled alcoholic adventurers.

You probably already know which end of the spectrum you drunkenly lean toward. But to what extent? Just how much a veteran of the Dallas bar scene are you really?

Tick off which spots among the following compilation of 101 popular Dallas bars you’ve been to — listed below in no particular order — and we’ll let you know.

Cover photo by Karlo X. Ramos.

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