Track Or Treat? Here Are Twenty Spooky-Themed Tunes — All By Local Artists –To Play At Your Monster Bash This Halloween Weekend.

The last week of October has crept up fast, huh? No worries. It just means the best holiday of the year is nearly here!

Now is the time to pull out your Halloween bucket list and start checking off some boxes instead of putting those duties off until next year.

For instance: Don’t have any Halloween plans this year? Uh, yes, you do! There are a lot of cool Halloween-themed events happening in Dallas this weekend, so get dressed up and ghoul around!

Also, you don’t be the one that shows up to the Halloween party without a costume, do you? Well, just for this reason, we made you a list of last-minute – and hilarious, if we may say so ourselves – Dallas costume ideas that are super easy to pull off. So, no excuses!

Like always, Central Track has you covered. What else could you possibly need?!?

Um, how about a super cool, spooky playlist for your Halloween party, costume fit-check montage or trip to your favorite local bar. No, we’re not talking about the typical festive tunes like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Ray Parker Jr.’s “Ghostbusters” — even though those are great bangers. Hell, we’re not even talking about those underrated creepy tunes we shared with you a few weeks ago.

Nope, we’re talking about upgrading your Halloween playlists with some wicked DFW artists and their dark, haunting —  or just spooky-themed —  tracks for you and your witchy friends to enjoy. From dark wave and witch house to rap and R&B, there’s a little something for everyone here.

We hope you have a scary good time listening along!

Cover photo a still from The Bralettes’ “Scary Harry” music video.

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