It’s The Time Of Year For Taking Inventory Of Everything For Which We’re Grateful. So Here’s Our List of 100 Dallas Things We’re Thankful For This Year.

To everything — or so it’s been said — there is a season, and a time to every purpose.

To wit: There’s a time to be critical, and a time to have fun at other people’s expenses.  There’s a time to get pissed, and a time to call out our (probably) racist neighbors. There’s a time to troll our political rivals, and a time to question authority.

By that same token, there’s also a time to tamp down the negativity, a time to (mostly) ditch the snark and a time to give shine to all the things that make Dallas such a great place to live.

‘Tis the season, anyway.

So, in the spirit of this week’s Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve decided go around the proverbial table and share all the Dallas things we’re thankful for this year.

1. Jason Garrett clapping memes.
2. The fact that no overworked DPD officers live in my apartment complex.
3. That we Dallasites can finally feel right at home when venturing to the more affordable side of the Metroplex.
4. Instagram traps that have really upped our profile pic game.
5. Midnight Rambler for making drinking an art form.
6. Erykah Badu for making another trip around the sun.
7. Queso. All of the queso.
8. Big Mouth Billy Bass still being able to make us laugh after all of these years.
9. Warstic, which gives an excuse for all those random Jack White pop-ins to town.
10. That all 13 seasons of King of the Hill are now on Hulu.
11. The heavenly spirit.
12. Miro Heiskanen and the future of the Dallas Stars.
13. The local craft beer scene, which is bigger than ever.
14. When killer cops are brought to justice.
15. That this former Dallas Cowboys player finally gets to live his truth as the first known NFL player in a same-sex marriage.
16. That someone’s maybe finally doing something about Dallas’ 38K potholes.
17. That Dallas Comedy House is staying in Deep Ellum for good.
18. That we’re still too cool to live in the suburbs.
19. Luka Doncic, who’s going to make this whole transition-from-Dirk thing so much easier to stomach.
20. To still have a media job, when they’re rapidly disappearing all over town.
21. Refugee marathon runner Tolassa Elemaa, a bastion of passion and endurance.
22. That we here in Dallas got to see Daniel Bryan’s first in-ring action in two years all up-close-and-in-person-like, when he was cleared hours before Smackdown kicked off in Dallas.
23. Folks like Ciara Boniface, who are keeping the art of the music video alive.
24. That we can just leave town when the Deep Ellum Arts Fest takes place.
25. Dallas jumping on the true crime bandwagon.
26. That so many North Texas musicians got to play Conan before they nixed the live music portion of the show earlier this year.
27. There are vegan options in Deep Ellum now!
28. That Hallmark has already started showing Christmas movies — and we’ve already been playing this drinking game.
29. Neither our houses nor office are on AT&T internet.
30. All of the Beto texts have finally stopped!
31. The numerous places around town to satisfy our sweet tooth.
32. That we’re at the forefront of the growing eSports trend.
33. That we finally figured out what’s in that one ugly-looking AT&T building in East Dallas.
34. That, for the most part, those bike-share cycles have been recycled, and are longer clogging up our sidewalks.
35. The fact that the number of country music venues in Deep Ellum tripled this year.
36. We’ve still got Lone Star beer on the shelves (for now).
37. That power has been usurped at Medieval Times — by a new queen.
38. That there are so many record labels in town that’ll help local bands put out their albums.
39. Alamo Drafthouses everywhere!
40. The Pin and Patch show, which is always guaranteeing that our denim has the requisite number of pieces of flair.
41. Colin Allred, who makes us a little less embarrassed by our representation in Congress.
42. That there are SO MANY great bars in this town.
43. That it’s still possible to watch the “Ice Ice Baby” music video on YouTube anytime we need a reminder of what Deep Ellum looked like in the ’90s.
44. Places like Legacy Hall, which are rocking the suburbs.
45. Zoli’s, which makes burgers now.
46. That a lot of people in town actually still read books.
47. Dallas-themed tattoos.
48. Fresh-delivered cold brew coffee.
49. Pop-up parties.
50. Knowing that the future of rock is in good hands.
51. The city is funding edgier art projects now.
52. Liquid nitrogen margaritas at Beto & Sons, which makes science seem real.
53. That so many of us got to see a show at The Bronco Bowl back in the day.
54. The Dallas Wings, who might once again be Dallas’ only playoff pro sports team this year.
55. The Old 97’s, who have been awesome for longer than our website has been alive.
56. Electric scooters, which, much as it pains us to admit, are actually pretty cool.
57. Our residents’ increasing willingness to participate in protests.
58. The Courage Boys.
59. Joshua Ray Walker.
60. Back to the Future-themed Airbnbs, which give our out-of-town friends an excuse not to crash on our couch.
61. Uchiba, which gives us a more casual and affordable way to enjoy that Uchi greatness.
62. Local stoner comedies.
63. The Whoa dance, which totally redeems us for that whole Stanky Legg thing.
64. Getting to do Jell-o shots at Round-Up with a shirtless cowboy.
65. Selena, who is forever our Queen.
66. That the rest of the world is finally figuring out how great Dallas hip-hop is, evidenced by how many local rappers signed major record deals this year.
67. That the DSO has turned over a new, progressive leaf regarding its employment of women.
68. Local farmers and the local chefs who support them.
69. Robot sex, which is totally going to happen at some point.
70. Flour tortillas.
71. Pluckers.
72. Lakewood Landing’s post-midnight corndogs.
73. Mike Brooks, who always makes Dallas musicians look good.
74. The fact that there are a dozen 7-Elevens within 1.5 mile from our office.
75. Post Malone, who made Crocs cool again, among other outrageous achievements.
76. The poke bowl trend.
77. That Amazon passed us over for HQ2.
78. The super-cheap lids at the Resistol outlet.
79. Bobby Sessions, who is already a total legend.
80. The Pony Up deal on Wednesdays at CBC — it’s a shot of Jameson and a Miller High Life pony for $5.
81. All the dedicated food festivals around, including the taco, barbecue and crawfish ones we went to this year, and the Latin, ramen, Thai and chili ones we missed.
82. Justin Terveen, who always makes us remember to appreciate the skyline.
83. Lula B’s, from whence so many cheap wardrobe additions have come from.
84. King Spa, which gives our junk a space to breathe.
85. The fact that we at Central Track haven’t had to resort to sleazy slideshows for cheap clicks to keep the lights on… yet.
86. Adrian Beltre, who gave us so many incredible memories before announcing his retirement.
87. The Agape Clinic, where us no-insurance-having-folks can go for things like free root canals.
88. When the lobster grilled cheese at East Hampton Sandwich Co. is in season.
89. Three Links, one of our last safe spaces to ride out a weekend in Ellum.
90. Uptown, which is at least trying to turn over a new leaf.
91. The art of Clay Stinnett.
92. Good Records, where bands often play free in-stores prior to their high-paying gigs down the street at the Granada Theater or the American Airlines Center.
93. Taking new people to The Grapevine, where their first drink is free.
94. Hand Drawn Records, for its huge hand in the vinyl resurgence.
95. Punk rock chef Justin Box, who is always using his powers for good.
96. The Barlows, who have brought so much music back to Deep Ellum.
97. The off-menu Tuscan lattes at Murray Street Coffee.
98. Lounge Here, for bringing some cool to the far east part of town.
99. That Yella Beezy is still with us.
100. The State Fair… sometimes.

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