In Order To Get More Young Dallasites Vaccinated, Dallas County Is Setting Up A Free, Pop-Up COVID-19 Vaccination Site On Elm Street This Weekend And Next.

Major, truly amazing news out of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today: The agency now says fully vaccinated American adults can once again safely resume standard indoor and outdoor activities alike — without wearing masks or having to practice social distancing, and in gatherings large or small.


After the year (plus change) that we’ve all be forced to endure together, this is a hugely welcome announcement.

Granted, it doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. Please note that this change in protocol only applies to those who’ve been fully vaccinated. It is by no means a license for all things everywhere to just immediately return to form. If anything, it’s just another clarion call for you and everyone you know — your mother, your brother, your sister and your friends — to please, for the love of god, go out and get your arms jabbed, just like we’ve been begging you to do for months now.

Speaking of which: Getting poked is about to get a whole lot more convenient for the least vaccinated age group in Dallas!

For the next two weekends, Dallas County Health & Human Services will be operating a free walk-up vaccination pop-up clinic right in the heart of Deep Ellum in hopes of getting more young people to get their shots.

“We want to reach out to people where we can find them,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says of the initiative. “There are a lot of younger people who go to Deep Ellum, and younger adults are our least vaccinated age group of those who are eligible.”

On each of the next two Fridays and Saturdays, DCHHS will set up shop under an awning outside of Uplift Luna Prep — located at 2625 Elm Street, just across from Deep Sushi — to provide free COVID-19 vaccinations to anyone who wants them.

It’s a fully walk-up operation; no pre-registration is required, and no proof of residency will have to be shown in order to receive a vaccination.

The site will operate from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on both Friday, May 14, and Friday, May 21. It will run extended hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, May 15, and Saturday May 21.

Oh, and adding to the convenience aspect? Dallas County officials confirm to Central Track that the site will be administering the one-and-done Johnson & Johnson vaccine — at least for the first weekend, anyway, while seeing how things go — meaning that getting inoculated in Deep Ellum during this run means not having to schedule an appointment for a second shot down the line.

So, yeah. That’s it. It’s literally that simple. You’ll probably already be in the neighborhood already. So you might as well get vaccinated while you’re at it.

Easy as pie.

And then we can all hang out again! Inside and with our masks off, even! How ’bout that?!?!?!

This story has been updated to reflect the vaccination brands being administered.

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