Dallas Director Augustine Frizzell’s August-Due Buddy Comedy About Two Teens Just Trying To Get To The Beach Dropped A Hilariously Raunchy Trailer This Week.

Since before Never Goin’ Back even hit the festival circuit earlier this year, we’ve been keeping close tabs on all the buzz surrounding Dallas filmmaker Augustine Frizzell and her debut feature film, which performed so well at Sundance that it got picked up by the seemingly can-do-no-wrong A24 studio and and scored Frizzell a gig at HBO.

It’d been a bit since we’d heard an update on when the film might finally be shown to the masses, though. But, fortunately, that all changed a few days ago.

Earlier this week, A24 dropped a whole bunch of Never Goin’ Back news at once: They announced that the film is set for to be released nationally on August 3, they dropping its official poster and they released the below, red-band trailer that’s meant to whet audiences’ appetites for this film about two young best friends who are coming of age in the Dallas suburbs and are just trying to get by and maybe take a vacation from the stresses of their lives by visiting a beach in Galveston.

There’s a whole lot to like about that trailer right there, indeed. And there’s a lot more to say about it than just offering up the same, lazy Superbad comparisons everyone else seems to be sharing.

For one thing, the trailer is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, with co-lead Maia Mitchell in particular dropping some really well-delivered and super-zesty zingers. (Mitchell’s final “That’s not healthy!” line in the clip is especially cutting.) But, beyond that, the film really seems to be spot on in its portrayal of North Texas summers, given how everyone in the trailer looks as if they have resigned themselves to being sweaty all the time and to being comfortable with the objectively gross heat we all put up with for five or so months out of each year.

But perhaps our favorite part of the trailer for the Dallas-set and -shot film is the way it highlights the abilities of some other hometown talents along with those of Frizzell. Take, for instance, that catchy, head-nodder of a song that ends the clip. Does it sound familiar? It should: Called “Lights,” the song comes courtesy of Dallas electro-pop band Zhora. Oh, and we here at Central Track just happened to premiere the track to the world back in 2013.

Check out the song in full below. It’s a certified banger.

Here’s looking forward to seeing how the song gets used in the film itself come August 3. Updated: Or maybe even earlier than that! Attendees of the 2018 Oak Cliff Film Festival will be able to check out the film on Sunday, June 17, where it’ll serve as the closer for this year’s fest.

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