There Are 100 Things Every Dallasite Should Really Do Before They Die Or Move Away. How Many Of Them Have You Done? Let’s Find Out.

From this website’s humble beginnings, which dates back seven years now as of this month, the backbone of Central Track has been highlighting and showcasing all the great things there are to do in and around Dallas on a daily basis.

Be through our regular “Things To Do” posts or the events we otherwise choose to cover, our primary goal from the jump has always been to convey to our readers just how unabashedly cool we think Dallas is, and how many different ways there are to truly enjoy living or spending time here.

So, in a bit of a naval-gazing nostalgia trip, let’s go back to a time just three months into our existence — all the way back to May 2012, when we wrote semi-cheap listicle called 100 Things To Do in Dallas Before You Die (Or Before You Move To Austin Or New York Or Wherever You Go To Become A Cliche) that, for all intents and purposes, introduced the city to its snarky new (and, at the time, side-scrolling) media presence.

To this day, that piece remains one of the most-read stories in the history of this site.

Of course, much has changed in Dallas in these last seven years. Businesses have come and gone. New neighborhoods have been gentrified. In a number of cases, the hyper-local jokes that filled that list just haven’t aged all that well.


So, we’ve gone and updated that classic Central Track list for 2019 purposes. And, this time, we’ve even transformed it into quiz form for you to better track and share your results.

Without further ado, let’s get into it and answer the question we all want answered: How many of these 100 things have you crossed off your Dallas bucket list?

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