[Slideshow] Last Night Looked Good On DJ Sober, Leon Bridges & Dallas.

Leon Bridges And DJ Sober Teamed Up And Turned Up For A Packed-Out Pop-Up Party At The Belmont Hotel On Thursday Night.

All photos by Manuel Frayre.

Ain’t too many entities in this region that can just absolutely, completely and totally slam a place out with Dallas’ finest party people on just a couple hours’ notice.

Of course, ain’t too many entities in this city — or, hell, any location — that boast the drawing power of the Dallas icon DJ Sober or Fort Worth R&B superstar Leon Bridges on individual levels, let alone ones that stand a chance at competing when these two’s powers are combined, as has become increasingly commonplace in recent years.

So, on Thursday afternoon, when the noted longtime pals each popped up on their respective IG stories to announce that (as Bridges would put it) “It’s a pop-up!” there was no doubt at all that their plea for people to pull up to Oak Cliff’s The Belmont Hotel — or “The Belmeezy” as the flyer for the night called it — would be well-received.

Boy, was it.

Boasting vibes the likes of which this city hasn’t seen on the regular since Sober unceremoniously pulled the plug on his seven-and-a-half-years-running Big Bang Thursday night parties back in July, the Belmont was packed out last night with an abundance of influential Dallasites who were all committed to the cause of a good time — including photographer Manuel Frayre, who captured some of that set in his lens for the above photo set from the proceedings.

Scroll through the pictures and you’ll see what I’m really trying to say: The pop-up? It really popped off.

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