This Week In Dallas, You Can Follow The Pack With Fleet Foxes, Go Walkin With Denzel Curry, Be An Outlaw At Dos Equis Pavilion & More.

Hi Dallas. We have another heavy topic we’d like to discuss.

Last Friday, we woke up in a different America — the Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v Wade, removing almost 50 years of protection for women to seek a safe abortion. Texas is one of the 13 states to have a trigger law that will go into effect in 30 days — a near-complete ban on abortion, the only exception being to save the pregnant patient’s life.

According to the concurring opinion, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that the Supreme Court should reconsider rulings that protect contraception, as well as same-sex relationships and marriage. These right-wing justices have not only taken away the rights of millions of Americans, but hurt the institution’s legitimacy, which will be felt for years to come.

It can’t be overstated that the GOP like to shove its evangelical views down the rest of the nation’s throat, but the Democrats should share some of the blame here.

One must question how a party that runs on “We believe access to reproductive care and abortion services are vital to the empowerment of women and girls,” couldn’t come together to do something that would protect this very right by codifying through congress or by adding members to the Supreme Court. Instead, they threw their hands up as if they are not in power.

These same politicians will tell you to “vote harder” and donate — but won’t take a second to look in the mirror at why they have failed to mobilize voters. We are living in a time as a nation that requires bold new plans to ensure the rights of underrepresented people while bringing a multiracial working-class together.

While a populist leader like that doesn’t exist yet in the corrupted swamp known as Washington D.C, it is only a matter of time. When a candidate with that tenacity does exist, don’t let them put you in a situation where you must compromise your values. Votes are earned, not deserved.

Please be safe in this new America.

Thanks for indulging us — now back to this week’s events.

Juan Salinas II

Monday (6/27)

Screw Done Already Warned Me at Texas Theatre
Just over two decades after DJ Screw’s death, the screwed up lifestyle thrives in DFW thanks to DJs who continue to honor the legend. Most notably, Francisco Santillan. Known as No Social, Santillian will pay tribute to DJ Screw at “Screw Done Already Warned Me.” If you fucks with Screwed Up Click, you don’t want to miss this. Screwed Up Click OG’s Bird, Stick 1 and Demo will be on site for conversation and a screening of DJ Screw The Untold Story. Donnie Houston Podcast will be recording live and Lance Scott Walker, author of “DJ Screw A Life in Slow Revolution,” will sit down with Stick 1 for a Q&A. And your damn sure a tribute to DJ Screw isn’t complete without music. Glockedup 225 will be behind the turntables making Screw proud. Courtesy of DENUHMUG collection, artists Alex Lujan, Adam Valles, Jeff Hemmi, Brandon Thompson, Lyzette Amador, Thomas Ramirez and Andréa Guerra Garza will be showcasing a multi-medium exhibition influenced by the screwed up lifestyle. — Desiree Gutierrez

Anniversary Show at Dan’s Silverleaf
Denton staple Dan’s Silverleaf is celebrating 20 years. As a local owned venue, Dan’s Silverleaf has become an essential to Denton’s music scene. Denton is showing the love by selling out the first day, June 27, of the 20th Anniversary Throwdown. Don’t fret, the party goes on with Spooky Folk, Pinebox Serenade and Daniel Markham. — DG

Payton Taylor Project at Three Links
Payton Taylor is a queen! Hand her drumsticks and she will blow your mind. She’s been rocking stages in Dallas since she was a teen and has turned a few heads while she’s been at it. Most notably, Berklee college, who awarded Taylor’s talent with a full ride. She’s back from New Jersey’s Beardfest and heading to Deep Ellum with Adolescent MFS. P.S. per Taylor, don’t be a jerk. — DG

Gare-Bear: A Tribute Beer Dinner at Funky Picnic Brewery and Cafe
Funky Picnic Brewery & Cafe is celebrating three years of service with a picnic! But, there’s something sweet about this event. It’s dedicated to one of the shop’s regular customers — Gary Melton. Melton has attended every single picnic, trivia night and dinners, so he absolutely deserves some love. They’ll be serving his favorite foods: tacos, pizza, Vietnamese and Thai food. You deserve this, Gary! — José Romero

Tuesday (6/28)

Denzel Curry at South Side Ballroom
Denzel Curry has been doing his thing for quite a long time. He started rapping in the sixth grade and has not stopped since then, which is fortunate for us because his tracks are fire. Curry’s album Melt My Eyez See Your Future released in March, so of course he’s on tour to support it. He’s putting in the work right now since he’ll also be joining Kid Cudi on his tour. Curry isn’t coming to this show alone. He’s bringing along some other heat artitsts: redveil, Skiifall and Playthatboizay. — JR

Thursday (6/30)

Sordelo, Alex O’Aiza, Ceci Ceci & Electric Tongues at Tulips FTW
If you missed DJ Sordelo and Ceci Ceci at Adios Tal Vez’s release party last week,  you got another chance to experience the vibes. Also, our favorite Spanish rock singer Alex O’Aiza will be there. If you still haven’t checked out his new music video for “Adios Tal Vez.” What are you doing? Watch it!  — JS

ZaZa’s Cocktail Showdown at Hotel ZaZa
There is not anything Dallas loves more than a fancy, over-the-top expensive craft cocktail. Throw in some dry ice and a heavy pour and we’re sold. But it isn’t as simple as it looks. Making those Insta-worthy cocktails takes talent and creativity. Luckily, DFW bartenders are top tier and they are going head to head in a cocktail showdown. Allure & Alchemy’s Cristian Rosario, Hotel ZaZa’s Jason Moore, Bottled in Bond Cocktail Parlour & Kitchen’s Stephen Everts, The Mitchell’s Tamara Rose and Dee Lincoln Prime’s Raymond Waring will be competing for the title of Best Summer Cocktail Creation. The winner gets chosen by attendees and local VIP judges. Get judgey and cheers to that! — DG

Friday (7/1)

Fleet Foxes at The Factory
Folk music has a way of scratching a certain part of the brain, especially Fleet Foxes’ songs. It’s currently on the Fleet Foxes Shore Tour, and as the tour name suggests, it’s focusing on its Grammy-nominated album Shore, which released in 2020. We hope it does a new live album because A Very Lonely Solstice was way too good. — JR

Cola & Thyroids at Ruins
Punk music is a guilty pleasure that anyone can enjoy. The band Cola is from the ashes of Ought — ex-members Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy, plus drummer Evan Cartwright. Their single “So Excited” would be a great place to start if you haven’t heard them before. Local Dallas garage punk band Thyroids will also be there. — JS

Co-Stan, Gratzi and New Avenues at Double Wide 
Chicago native Jack Costanza, better known as Co-Stan, will be bringing his dance-pop sound to Double Wide. Costanza has a unique backstory – finding his band members from Craigslist after moving to Colorado. He prides himself on how the paycheck isn’t the most important thing to him but the music. Check out the song that gained traction “I Don’t Mind.” — JS

Shine with Cameron Smith & The Slings, Eric Osbourne & Friends and Jake Paleschic at Main at Southside
This event is more personal than the others on this list – it is dedicated to the loving memory of Jeremy Joel, a local Fort Worth graphic artist who died in 2020. The folk artist Cameron Smith will be playing his latest album, Shine. The tracks are inspired by love, legacy and life after death. — JS

Rod Stewart and Cheap Trick at Dickies Arena
Rockstar Hall of Famer Rod Stewart has a lot of accomplishments under the belt, such as ten number-one albums and 31 top ten singles in the UK, plus 16 top ten singles in the U.S. Legendary rock band Cheap Trick will be there too, so this is a nice treat for old-school rock fans. — JS

Casa Bloom at Virgin Hotels
This Cancer SZN is all about embracing yourself and diving into a deep connection. Intentionality and sensuality are key to manifestation. Welcome this season by awakening your senses. From the creators of sensual fragrance brand Selva Sensory, Casa Bloom will elevate you to your highest self as you dance amongst a sea of guests in blue attire to the sounds of DJs Tony Schwa and Kora Waves. — DG

Nappy Roots at Arlington Music Hall
The renowned alternative southern rap group Nappy Roots will bring conscious rap to Arlington Music Hall. Nappy Roots have been together since the late 1980s, providing tracks with loads of charisma, some southern swagger and real themes such as civil rights. It should be a dope experience. — JS

Pons, Smothered, Party Hats, & Switch at Andy’s Bar
This will surely be a great night of Denton music at Andy’s Bar. Local indie rock band Wash Kit will join grudge band Smothered and alternative band Party Hat to warm up the crowd before Brooklyn’s Pons takes the stage. The post-punk band is currently on its worldwide tour. Check its new single, “Leave To My Work.” — JS

Mike and the Moonpies at Billy Bob’s
If You are in a country type of mood, we have the event for you. Billy Bob’s is hosting the talented Mike and the Moonpies, who will be brining some neotraditional country stylings. It has this urban influence that we appreciate a lot. Check one of our favorite songs from it, “You Look Good in Neon.” — JS

Saturday (7/2)

Outlaw Music Festival at Dos Equis Pavilion
Grab your cowboy boots and hat because Willie Nelson is coming to town. Fittingly named, the Outlaw Music Festival will speak to your soul with the greatest country hits by Nelson, Brothers Osborne and Steve Earle & the Dukes. Texas’ own Charley Crockett has that good ‘ol Southern blues covered. Canada’s Allison Russell, who just last year released her first solo album, will be hitting the stage. Nelson is showing love to the rock lovers too with Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. — DG

Dallas Liberation Movement Presents Liberation of Lineage Benefit Show at Three Links
The Black/Latinx-led, ally-funded collective Dallas Liberation Movement is having a lineage show with raffle prizes such as local gift cards and free tattoos. In addition, expect music performances from local artists, like post-punk band Sub-Sahara, rockstar Trauma Ray and a surprise headliner that is sure to make it worth your wild. Have fun for a good cause. — JS

Motion City Soundtrack at House of Blues
Seventeen years ago Motion City Soundtrack’s Commit This to Memory turned heads. Many will remember them from the bands many appearances on Warped Tour. We all bonded over the shitstorm life is with Justin Pierre, Joshua Cain, Matthew Taylor, Jesse Johnson and Tony Thaxton. Commit This to Memory was the band’s second album, but the first to feature collaborative works. We felt the angst, grit and anxiety that boomed through the airwaves as Motion City Soundtrack rocked out to 12 songs that pierced us. The band is back on tour to remind us everything is alright. — DG

Independence Weekend Music Fest at Amplified Live
Amplified Live, formerly Gas Monkey, is starting off the three day weekend right. The local artists and band line up is *chef’s kiss*. Heavy metal band Hand Over Fist will be tear up the stage. Rock and blues singer and guitarist Vudu Childe will serenade the audience, fingers crossed he sings his latest hit “Hazel.” It doesn’t stop there. Amplified has something for everyone. Corpse Flower, The Intemperate Sons, Bad Lives and Limerick will also take the stage. — DG

Starspangled Spectacular at Viva’s
What’s the best way to celebrate America? If you answered with “burlesque,” you’d be absolutely right. Emcee Mr. Snapper will help guide you through the night as Blaze, Donna Denise, Jo Sappho and Vivienne Vermuth do their thing. Burlesque is an underappreciated art form, so go show your support for it. — JR

Velvet Love Box at Fat Daddy’s
The not-so-cover-band-y cover band Velvet Love Box is taking a break. With an insane tenacity, the band has been doing up to 14 shows a month. If you’ve ever seen the boys in action, you know damn well this cover band can do it all. Buy a shot of Jågger for the boys and send then off in style at their last live show before they take a siesta. — DG

Mocky Horror Picture Show: Reefer Madness at Texas Theatre
The best part about watching bad movies with friends is ganging up on it, relentlessly throwing digs left and right. The Mocky Horror Picture Show is bringing its act to the Texas Theatre, making an activity usually done at home into something a little more cooperative. 1936’s Reefer Madness will be the victim of this roast, and deservedly so. — JR

Sunday (7/3)

Peaberry Coffee Summer Block Party at Peaberry Coffee
We’re all cordially invited to Peaberry Coffee’s block party! If you have a couple of hours to kill, this is where you want to be. It’s just about chill vibes and good food. Rev’s Grilled Cheese, Celestial Beerworks and others will be the food vendors, ensuring some dope ass snacks. Make sure to check it out. — JR

Oh Snap! It’s a 90’S Hip Hop Party! at House of Blues
There was something in the water during the ’90s because hip-hop had no reason to be as hype as it was. Look, we know you already bump to Wu, ‘Pac and Dre at home, so why not go over to the House of Blues and party with like-minded individuals? DJ Jon B and MC Salina G are sure to keep the party hype. How can anybody resist ’90s hip-hop? It’s way too addictive. — JR

Painted Light, Chancla Fight Club, Caterpillars, Islands of Pear at Ridglea Theater
Rock, rock and even more rock will be happening at Ridglea Theater with bands Painted Light, Chancla Fight Club and Islands of Pear. All three are on it’s “the friends with no benefits tour.” Each band will bring its own flavor of the genre that is sure to rock the house down. — JS

July 3rd Backyard Bash at ODD Muse Brewing Company
No matter what age you are, there will always be some enjoyment to be gained from flashy fireworks. ODD Muse Brewing Company is sure to satiate that need with its Backyard Bash. There will be live music by Harry Zimm, a craft market and, of course, glistening ass fireworks. It’s free to attend so just grab your lawn chair and get over there. — JR

Summer Fun Market at Ruins
Supporting local businesses when you can is always a great feeling, so we’re glad that it’ll be made easier to do so at this market. Need a candle? They have you covered. How about some treats? They still have you covered! Over 15 local vendors will be here, so buy a thing or two, yeah? — JR

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