Cory Graves

White Noise.

Dalton Domino Is Accused Of Cyberbullying, Power Trip Takes On The Alt-Right, So What?! Music Fest Is Taking A Break And Plenty More Dallas Music News. The rec...

Things To Do In Dallas This Week.

Cut Away, Cut Away. Looking for something to do that’s been described as “better than sex?” Look no further. A real-life vampire couple in Austin says drinking...

Songs of the Week.

New Music From T.Y.E, Gensu Dean, Siberian Traps, Larry Legion, Rex Brown, Children of Indigo, Elijah Heaps, Lord Byron, Teenage Sexx, Wiccans, Luke Jr., C Stru...

Cory Graves

Associate Editor

Cory Graves is the Associate Editor at Central Track. He enjoys not only writing about Dallas and its local music scene, but being a part of it as a member of the band Vandoliers. Courtney Love once referred to him onstage as “my fucking therapist,” which he immediately put on his resume.