Our Favorite Dallas-Area Prank Made A Glorious Return This Morning As A Downtown Dallas Construction Sign Was Hacked To Spread An Obscene Message.

From 2015 to 2017, construction signs in and around Dallas were repeatedly hacked for humorous and obscene means.

Using readily available information on the Internet, someone (or someones) around Dallas made a habit of altering TxDOT and construction signs throughout the region to spread various antiDonald Trump messages, Harambe-slamming sentiments and otherwise Very Online communications.

It was a truly glorious run.

But, for the most part, that well ran dry in late 2017, and our lives had been lesser for these occurrences’ absence.

Well, no more. This morning, a Redditor shared an image of a construction sign in Downtown Dallas that been hacked to spread a message that most anyone around the globe can get behind given the malaise we’re all enduring at the moment.

On the right-hand side of the westbound land of Pearl Street near the intersection of Bryan Street, a constuction sign place on the sidewalk read, in stark simplicity, “EAT SHIT.”

Here’s what it looked like.

My sister came across this lovely message this morning in Dallas. from r/Dallas

In these trying times (as ever), it’s the little things in life in which we must seek comfort and joy.

Cover photo courtesy of Bonnie O’Mara.

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