After Going Viral In 2015 And 2016, Dallas’ Traffic Sign Hacker(s) Posted Another Anti-Donald Trump Message On Lemmon Avenue Over The Weekend.

Just when you thought it wasn’t going to happen this year, it did.

Over the weekend, Dallas’ TxDOT street sign hacker(s), who have been quiet throughout much of 2017, made a much-welcomed return to the public sphere this weekend when they hacked a sign along Lemmon Avenue to read “I got one thing too [sic] say…Fuck Turmp [sic] bitch ass and fuck y’all for voting for that shit.”

A simple, concise — albeit misspelled — message from the person(s) we deemed to be our “Public Menace Of The Year” in 2016.

In case you totally missed it, this happened with such frequency last year that it caught not only the attention of local media, but also The Washington Post‘s. Among the best messages shared back then were “Man, fuck fuck fuck Trump,“Go home, work is cancelled” and “Donald Trump is a shape-shifting lizard.” And then, of course, there was the 2015 “Deez Nutz” sign over the Central Expressway that first caught everyone’s attention and started this craze.

Seems whoever is behind these hacks wasn’t a fan of the president before the election and has not been happy with the president’s performance in the White House this year either.

But their lull in activity this year left a certain emptiness for the rest of us here in Dallas. The time away was reminiscent of Bruce Wayne’s hiatus in The Dark Knight Rises after Bane broke his back during their first confrontation — y’know, when Gotham City falls into disarray and anarchy sort of breaks out and it feels like nothing good is going to happen?

OK, maybe it wasn’t that bad.

But that doesn’t mean we weren’t ready for our favorite hero’s return. So kudos to you, sweet street sign hacker(s), for recognizing that and once again bringing some levity to these turbulent sociopolitical times.

Also, y’know, if you ever want to have a chat or anything, please do feel free to reach out, yeah?

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