From Dorrough’s “Ice Cream Paint Job” To Toadies’ “Possum Kingdom,” Here Are 10 Great Dallas Songs You Can Sing To Be Sure You’re Cleaning Your Hands Well.

A lot still remains to be determined about the coronavirus, but one thing is for certain: There are a number of things one can do on an individual level to slow the spread of the pandemic — mostly in terms of personal hygiene.

It’s shocking, actually, just how many people fail to even wash their hands properly, and then spread of germs through handshakes and the like — 97 percent of people, according to at least one study.

Back when I was waiting tables, my restaurants’ managers hammered proper hand-washing etiquette home to us repeatedly, making sure we all knew how vital it was that we, as food servers, made sure to frequently clean our hands — and properly, using soap and water to scrub for at least 20 seconds each time. The most common trick we were told to ensue success? That, by singing “Happy Birthday” to ourselves while we did the deed, we’d make sure we were washing long enough to make the effort count.

But repeatedly being forced to sing “Happy Birthday” — as any server knows — can be a beating.

Enter, the brilliant creation of a 17-year-old in the UK named William Gibson. As Gibson told NME, he too was tired of singing “Happy Birthday” to himself, and so he created a website that would allow users to determine how much they had to sing of any song of their choice in order to properly hand-wash.

Not surprisingly, Gibson’s idea has been a big hit. You’ve likely seen the images that his site allows users to download being shared on social media all week long.

If you want to find how much of your favorite song you need to sing to wash your hands, you can visit Wash Your Lyrics yourself. Or you can just refer to the below images of some classic Dallas songs that we’ve hand-selected in order to try and cast as wide a net of Dallas music fans as possible.

Dorrough — “Ice Cream Paint Job”

Pantera — “Cowboys From Hell”


Big Tuck — “Southside Da Realist”

Zedd & Maren Morris — “The Middle”

Lisa Loeb — “Stay”

Post Malone–“White Iverson”

Tripping Daisy — “I Got A Girl”

Toadies — “Possum Kingdom”

Trapboy Freddy — “Lil Quita”

Old 97’s — “Timebomb”

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