Despite What Your Uncle Is Saying On Facebook, This Pandemic Ain’t Over. So Here Are A Bunch Of Dallas Photos You Can Use For Your Future Zoom Backgrounds.

After some seven months of life and culture here in North Texas getting largely put on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are actually some encouraging signs of a possible return to normalcy looming on the horizon — if you look hard enough, anyway.

A few potentially uplifting examples? Restaurants can now host up to 75 percent of their inside dining room capacities for meal services. Bars, too, are finding loopholes allowing them to swing their long-shuttered doors open in at least some capacity. Hell, even a handful of comedy clubs, concert venues and movie theaters are once more showing signs of life.

Fact is, even with our nation having officially surpassed 200,000 COVID-related deaths this month and case counts still fluctuating rather unpredictably, the overall national and local positive case figures alike seem to be generally trending downward.

So presuming we all continue to mask up, wash your hands and stay home when possible, things should be damn near smooth sailing from here on out, yeah?

Um, not so fast, my friend.

Earlier this month, Dr. Anthony Fauci embarked on a concerted press campaign in which he warned Americans that the fast-approaching winter and fall seasons could spell major trouble for the pandemic’s containment. And what did the nation’s foremost infectious disease expert advise of our populace? Two words: “Hunker down.”

Much as we all wish it weren’t the case, we’re likely stuck in this weird societal limbo we’ve been living in for at least a few more months. Meaning?

All those Zoom calls you’ve been enduring both at work and on your own time? All the work that goes into these video conferences as you strive to connect with your co-workers, friends and loved ones in even the slightest capacity? Whether this tech will indeed exist in our lives for years to come as experts suggest, it’s not not going anywhere anytime soon.

So you might as well bite the bullet and learn to full-on embrace the Zoom madness then, right?

Unless you’ve got nice enough digs to ensure your IRL video background doesn’t get roasted by Room Rater, the easiest way to up your Zoom game is, of course, with some cheeky virtual background play.

On the off chance that some of you out there don’t already know this, yes: Green screen or no, Zoom allows you to superimpose your person onto the background of your heart’s content — and rather easily, we should note. Hell, you can even put a looped video back there if you want.

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As for us, you already know we like to keep things #DallasAF whenever possible — yes, even when Zooming.

To that end, earlier in the pandemic, we scoured our photo archives in search of Dallas images that we felt would translate well to the Zoom world. And we found a bunch.

Now, we’re ready to share them with you.

If you’re looking to inject a little regional Dallas geography, iconography and flavor into your video conference aesthetic, you’ve come to the right place. We’re giving you our full permission to use any and all of these images in yours Zooms. (Just be cool and don’t use them in other capacities, OK? Thanks.)


White Rock Lake

Valley View Mall

Three Links

Chapel of Thanksgiving (Thanks-Giving Square)

Texas Theatre

Southern Methodist University

Dallas City Hall (as OCP Headquarters in RoboCop)

Reunion Tower

The Katy Trail

Fountain Place

Main Street Garden Park (during Homegrown Fest)

The Dallas-Fort Worth Interstate Highway System

Granada Theater

Fuel City

The Fraternal Order of Eagles pool

The Double Wide

Deep Ellum

On Pete Delkus’ WFAA forecast

Bishop Arts District

The State Fair of Texas

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