Donations And Applications Are Now Welcome In A Third Round Of Deep Ellum 100 Grants, Which Have Already Awarded More Than $20,000 To Neighbors In Need.

For the third time in a year, Deep Ellum 100 is accepting donations and applications for grants to help out those in need within Dallas’ most significant cultural neighborhood and community.

Formed in the wake of the initial (still-ongoing) coronavirus pandemic-related shutdowns last spring, the 501(c)(3)-designated organization — just as it has twice successfully done before — now aims to raise another $10,000 in donations that will then be divided into four separate $2,500 grants and provided to applicants in need.

As with previous rounds, this batch of funds will be distributed among four separate individuals or groups, each of which represents one of the following community pillars:

  • a restaurant, bar or other small, independent business
  • a service industry employee
  • a band or musician
  • a visual artist

This most recent fundraising and grant application round will officially begin on Saturday, February 27, and run through Wednesday, March 31.

It will kick off on Saturday night with a socially distant concert at Club Dada featuring past Deep Ellum 100 recipients Cure For Paranoia and Cush With A C, the former of which will be performing an “unplugged” set. Entry is, of course, limited. Tickets are running $10 at the door, although a $25 donation will receive both entry and a Deep Ellum 100 T-shirt in return. (Head here for more information about the concert.)

Especially in light of the damaging winter storm from earlier this month, we are well aware that there are many deserving entities in need of your help and financial support these days, Central Track included.

But, as we’ve said before, we also know that we can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and watch the Dallas neighborhood we work, live and play most often in continue to be waylaid by a global crisis over which it has no control.

If you have the means, any and all donations to this cause of keeping Deep Ellum’s brightest lights clicked on would be greatly appreciated. Please head here if you would like to help.

We also encourage anyone who falls into the above-listed categories and would like to be considered for one of this round’s four $2,500 grants to please apply for one at this link before the March 31 deadline.

Once the fundraising period has ended, donors to the effort will be invited to help determine which of this latest batch of applications will receive aid from the organization.

It is incumbent on all of us to help our neighbors in need. It falls on all of our collective shoulders to ensure that Ellum stays deep.

We thank you for your consideration, your donations, your vulnerability and your support.

Learn more about Deep Ellum 100 here.

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