Keep Deep Ellum Gritty: Donate To Our Third Neighborhood Relief Campaign — Or Apply For Aid If You Need Help (Especially If You’re An SI Worker).

Deep Ellum 100’s third fundraising and grant round is still in full effect, y’all!

Over the course of the past month, our neighborhood-focused nonprofit has once again been raising funds in order to underwrite four separate $2,500 grants to support area businesses, service industry workers, musicians and visuals artists in need of relief amidst the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Already, our 501(c)(3) is more than halfway toward our $10,000 fundraising goal! Now we just need your help to push it over the top.

If you’re a position to donate to this worthy cause, please head on over to the Deep Ellum 100 donation page, where we’re still currently accepting tax-deductible donations of $25, $50, $100 and $500 (or more). Those who donate at the highest level will be entered into a lottery to receive special prize packages — including unique dining opportunities and VIP local event access — whose details will be announced in the coming days. These top-level donors’ names will also be listed on a “Keep Deep Ellum Gritty” banner that will be produced in the wake of this campaign’s completion, and then prominently displayed in the neighborhood.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself in need of assistance these days, we’re still accepting applications for this next batch of $2,500 grants so long as we continue to raise funds for them throughout the remainder of this month. Please head here to apply — especially if you count yourself as a member of the Deep Ellum service industry, as we’ve seen fewer applications than expected in this field so far this round.

No matter which end of the above spectrum you currently find yourself on, if you care about the lifeblood of this vibrant and historic neighborhood, tap in and get involved.

Doing exactly that is woven into the fabric of this neighborhood, really. It’s just what Deep Ellum has always done for its own, and what it will continue to do both now and for the years to come — so long as those who give a damn about the neighborhood continue to have any say in the matter.

Truth is, “Keep Deep Ellum Gritty” isn’t just a fun tag line for this campaign round. It’s a promise — and a responsibility we all must shoulder together.

So let’s all do our part, yeah?

Visit the Deep Ellum 100 web site for more information.

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