Dallas’ Music, Art, Gig & Service Industries Have Taken A Beating In The Wake Of The Coronavirus. Here’s How To Help — And How To Get Help.

Man. This shit really sucks, huh?

Here in Dallas County, we’re stuck sheltering-in-place until at least April 30, with events into the summer are already being canceled and sweeping layoffs abounding as everyone remains uncertain about what the future could look like.

No, not even “the wind of God” seems likely to blow us out of this mess any time soon. And, fun as it might be to crack jokes with one another from the comfort of our own living room couches, this shit is serious.

Not only are we here at Central Track finding ourselves in dire straits these days, but so too are our beloved and hard-working members of the service and entertainment industries — the two arms of the Dallas economy that most fuel the things we so love to cover for our readers in normal circumstances.

Alas, there’s little normal at all about the times we’re currently mired in.

But, hey, remember that famous Mr. Rogers quote about looking for the helpers when things are scary? This is one of those times. And, whether you’re a would-be helper or someone in need of help, there are ample options within the Dallas service industry and creative communities to find that right now.

Here is a breakdown of some of those channels. Please keep in mind that this is by no means a definitive list. If you are aware of additional channels that you would like to see included in this post, please reach out us through this contact form and inform us.

Disclaimer: This post is simply meant to educate our readers to these funds and resources’ existence. We cannot speak to the veracity of each entities’ stated intentions.

General Funds.

Before we get into more service and creative industry realms, here’s a super quick breakdown of some larger-scale organizations and funds with more zoomed-out focuses.

Creative Scene Funds & Resources.

A list of funds specifically targeted at North Texas’ music and artist realms.

Restaurant Funds & Resources.

A list of funds launched to help cover restaurant workers.

Tip Jars.

Part of a national initiative in which users can find randomly selected service industry employees in geographic-specific regions and tip them via Venmo and CashApp.


A quick rundown of initiatives meant to drive legislative action to help the Texas service industry.

Job Opportunities.

Resources to help out-of-work creatives and service industry workers find jobs during these difficult times. Our friends at Do214 have more.

Restaurant Worker Resources.

The team at Shift Dallas is conducting surveys of affected workers to help determine best future relief practices, as well as compiling additional resources for out-of-work service industry employees.

Restaurant Donation Funds.

Many restaurants, bars and venues in town have launched GoFundMe campaigns to help pay their furloughed employees during this time. This small collection represents just some of the ones we have run across on social media. Know of another we can include? Please alert us to it.

Help With Food.

A number of restaurants and newly formed organizations across North Texas have dedicated themselves to feeding hungry creatives, service industry workers and more in need during this trying time. This is just a small collection for now; our friends at Eater Dallas have more. Also, be sure to cross-reference the below options with the above “Restaurant Funds & Resources” list for additional routes.

Know of additional channels we should include in this post? Please let us know.

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