We Ranked All 56 Of Dallas’ 2021 City Council Candidates’ Signatures, As Seen On Their Official Filing Paperwork. Why? Because John Hancock, That’s Why.

With early voting in the 2021 Dallas municipal elections kicking off on April 19 and Election Day formally arriving on May 1, Central Track is dedicating a significant chunk of its bandwidth to covering this year’s city council elections. Why? Because, though voter turnout is historically just gobsmackingly low in these races each election cycle, these are the elections that can most affect the day-to-day lives of Dallasites — and, more so than in any other election, your votes really does matter in these races. Head here for more of our coverage on this year’s elections. Meanwhile, head here to discover your council district if you’re unsure, and here for more information about both early voting and polling locations.

A great signature can create a democracy.

That’s the lesson John Handcock taught the 13 colonies back when he signed the Declaration of Independence at the Second Continental Congress in 1776. In fact, Hancock’s signature on the document became so synonymous with American democracy that his name became the nickname for signatures throughout the Union.

So, that in mind, where do the signatures of the 56 candidates seeking a seat on (or reelection to) the Dallas City Council stack up in the annals of democracy?

Uhhhhhh, let’s just say the British would have laughed the Declaration into oblivion if they saw it filled with so many chicken-scratch signatures. Democracy dies in poor penmanship, folks.

Nonetheless, here are each of the council candidates’ John Hancocks, as seen on their official filing paperwork, aesthetically ranked.

56. Israel Varela (D7)

55. John Botefuhr (D9)

54. Chad West (D1)

53. Casey Thomas (D3)

52. Giovanni Valderas (D1)

51. Lelani Russell (D4)

50. Gerardo Sanchez (D1)

49. Jaynie Schultz (D11)

48. Tennell Atkins (D8)

47. David Blewett (D14)

46. Michael Fetzer (D2)

45. Maxie Johnson (D4)

44. Davante Peters (D8)

43. Adam McGough (D10)

42. Stephani Kyle (D1)

41. Da’On Boulanger-Chatman (D13)

40. Calvin Johnson (D7)

39. Matt Canto (D4)

38. Donald Parish Jr. (D7)

37. Walter “Changa” Higgins (D7)

36. Cara Mendelsohn (D12)

35. Earl Thomas (D6)

34. Jaime Resendez (D5)

33. Jesse Moreno (D2)

32. Sirrano Keith Baldeo (D10)

31. Terry Perkins (D5)

30. Kevin Felder (D7)

29. Jennifer Cortez (D2)

28. Irby Foster (D3)

27. Barry Wernick (D11)

26. Yolanda Williams (D5)

25. Hosanna Yemiru (D11)

24. Johnny Aguinaga (D4)

23. Adam Bazaldua (D7)

22. Elva Curl (D12)

21. Ruth Torres (D5)

20. Raha Assadi (D2)

19. Leland Burk (D13)

18. Tramonica Brown (D7)

17. Subrina Brenham (D8)

16. Monica Alonzo (D6)

15. Judy Kumar (D9)

14. Omar Narvaez (D6)

13. James Turknett (D7)

12. Lakolya London

11. Ryan Moore (D13)

10. Wendi Macon (D6)

9. Mac Smith (D13)

8. Tony Carrillo (D6)

7. Paula Blackmon (D9)

6. Sana Syed (D2)

5. Elizabeth Viney (D14)

4. Paul Ridley (D14)

3. Carolyn King Arnold (D4)

2. Gay Donnell Willis (D13)

1. Candy Evans (D11)

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