Demi Lovato Is Hospitalized For A Heroin Overdose, Toyota Music Factory Is In Hot Water Again, Rubber Gloves Is Still Coming Back and Much, Much More.

First up this week, our thoughts are with Demi Lovato who, earlier today, was rushed to a hospital in Hollywood after being found unconscious in her home, the result of an apparent heroin overdose, per TMZ.

This news, which is still developing at the time of this writing, comes just a month after the singer released a song about falling off the wagon.

After news had fans worrying about the worst, People reported that the Colleyville product is in “stable” condition. The latest, per TMZ again who quoted her aunt’s social media postings, Lovato is now “awake and responsive.”

Here’s hoping she pulls through and has brighter days ahead of her.

Speaking of brighter days: One of these days, the Toyota Music Factory is bound to have one, right?

Seems likely — although it won’t be coming this week. The latest development in the entertainment complex’s dramatic first year finds its owners being accused of racism for some curious language included in the lease agreements that the tenants in the development have been forced to sign. And make no mistake: The phrase in question — “A tenant shall not permit two (2) ‘hip-hop or Tejano’ or ‘rap’ music formatted songs to be played back to back.” — can certainly be construed as discriminatory on some levels.

Perhaps more interesting than the micromanaging of DJs, however, is the timing of this news coming to light.

On June 28, a Dallas County justice of the peace ruled that TMF’s developers, the ARK Group, had the right to evict Billy Bob Barnett’s businesses. Those businesses, of course, would be part of the multi-venue network Big Beat Dallas, which Barnett abruptly closed on May 29, after two months in operation. That very same day, a “group of concerned citizens” that included Barnett’s representatives then gathered at an Irving Red Lobster to raise the racial allegations. As you may recall, ol’ Billy Bob Barnett was also behind another petty lawsuit against ARK that tried to block the developers from earning $44 million in reimbursements from the city because it missed certain building deadlines and benchmarks.

Messy stuff!

But, for whatever it’s worth, shows at TMF’s Pavilion have continue to do well. As noted last week, that Live Nation-back spot was ranked at No. 9 among U.S. amphitheaters in tickets sold so far this year, according to Pollstar’s kinda flawed mid-year report.

Another venue that’s no stranger to drama, any scene observer will tell you, is Denton’s Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. Even after shutting down a couple years ago, the spot has still managed to stay in the news every now and then thanks to its will-it-or-won’t-it come back stories. Back in April, you no doubt remember, we learned that the venue had been sold to an anonymous buyer and, now, the Denton Record-Chronicle confirms that the still-anonymous new owner plans on reopening the place as Gloves again. Which, hey, is kind of just what we said, rephrased slightly! But, to its credit, the DR-C at least got a quote from one of those anonymous backers: “‘It’s going to be the same, but not the same,’ said one member of the resurrection team who wishes to remain anonymous. Rubber Gloves is still going to be about music, but with a big ‘plus some.’ When it reopens late this year, Rubber Gloves will incorporate other art mediums, too.”

Anonymous buyer? Hmmmm. Is it one of the dudes from Midlake? They already own everything else up that way last we checked.

Back in Dallas, another venue’s got some big changes ahead. After teasing more than a year ago that it was tripling in size, Deep Ellum spot The Free Man’s expansion appears to be imminent. According to owner John Jay Myers, he’s looking to start booking “jazz, soul, blues, rock and pop” bands for the venue’s new, bigger half starting in August.

Also getting way bigger of late is Dallas legend Bobby Sessions, who preceded last Friday’s release of what just might be the album of the year by sitting down with Billboard. In the feature, the Def Jam signee repeatedly reps Dallas, saying he’s not only proud to be from here, but that hopes to put Dallas on the map. Hey, we hope that too!

There are certainly plenty of acts who are striving for that kind of attention around these parts, putting out new music.

Denton pop act Jessie Frye is among that set. Granted, though, she’s taking the opposite approach from Sessions, opting to instead start her own label rather than get signed to someone else’s. And what’s she calling her upstart? Boss Bitch Records. At the moment, it appears it’ll solely be a platform to release her own projects, but who knows what future it may hold?

DJ Sober knows something a thing or two about the possibilities of a new label, having just recently co-founded a label called Dial-Up Records. Earlier today, Gorilla vs Bear premiered the label’s first release, the debut single from “mysterious” duo Tommy & Linda, whose reverse twins are Sober and Sudie. (Oh, you know you know.)

Moving on, let us peep some new music videos together!

First up, take the one below from M3CCA about “overcoming insecurities and gaining confidence.” To achieve that, the performer literally strips away the security blankets of clothing and bares all her, um, inhibitions.

Famous Dex roommate and Oak Cliff native Diego Mone , meanwhile, released a new one directed by DotComNirvan. It’s already drumming up more Playboi Carti comparisons, although he swears that was his style first.

And Atlantis Aquarius performed a bunch of tunes on syndicated roots program DittyTV’s summer concert series. See more videos from that performance here.

Rolling right along, a few news items concerning some ex-pats.

Is Post Malone in talks to appear on the next season of Netflix‘s Queer Eye? Not quite, although his fans have been inundating the production with requests. This is because, as he recently joked, his fans think he’s “ugly and smells bad.” But, hey, he didn’t say no, so maybe he could end up getting the Fab 5‘s help with all that!

Are you also into new starts? Well, you can do that with a piece of rock n’ history with a property right here in town. As the Oak Cliff Advocate notes, Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan’s childhood home is on the now market for just shy of $160,000. The 1,100-square-foot house is on Glenfield Avenue, right by Oak Cliff Nature Preserve. Not bad, not bad.

Fresh starts come in all forms, too. For instance, take the local outfit The Blondettes, which recently called it quits and are already back. Well, with a twist. See, now they’re called The High-Tones. A new album is in the works, too.

New things are nice, right? Mystery Skulls knows that. After recently hitting 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, the Dallas ex-pat was sent a plaque commemorating the accomplishment. Neat!

Finally this week, we’re ending things with some somber news: OG House Harkonnen bassist Chris Patterson passed suddenly over the weekend. He never met a stranger, and he will be severely missed.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family, and we hope he rests in peace.

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