After Closing Its Doors Amidst Financial Concerns In 2016, The Revered Denton Venue’s Land Has A New Owner. And, At Least In Some Capacity, Old Ownership Will Remain Involved.

Just about two years removed from Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios’ somber closure, and about half a year after its land went on the market, the property upon which the Denton music venue sits has been sold.

A Facebook post from Denton realtor Laura Mauelshagen with Berkshire Hathaway this morning announced the news. The land’s former owner, RGRS proprietor Josh Baish, confirmed the news to Central Track this morning.

According to Baish, the sale was completed on Wednesday, March 25.

Initially, Baish sought $990,000 in exchange for the property, although that number had dropped significantly in recent weeks, with more recent listings for the property at 411 E. Sycamore Street in Denton asking for $699,900.

For now, Baish and Mauelshagen are remaining mum on how much the property sold for and who exactly purchased it. With property sales being public record, though, those details should come to light sooner or later, depending on how quickly Denton County officials process the paperwork.

Regardless of the speed at which any property sales information is unveiled, Baish says he will be able to share more details about the exchange and the future of the property on his own in the coming weeks and months — because, he says, he and the for-now-anonymous new owner of the property are working in tandem on the plans for its future.

“We’ll have some news to share soon,” Baish said when reached by phone this morning, confirming his involvement in the property’s next phase.

Pressed for details, though, the usually forthcoming Baish managed to bite his tongue — for now, anyway.

“We’ll see,” he said.

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