Previously Announced Guests For The April Convention Include Jason Momoa, Billy Dee Williams, Ben McKenzie and Many More.

Updated on April 2, 2018: The below story has been updated again, this time to reflect a few cancellations in the guest department (we hardly knew ye, Michael J. Fox, Karen Gillan and Famke Janssen), but also some new additions, including the possibly problematic current Batman (Ben Affleck) and an underrated former one (Val Kilmer).

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Updated on February 8, 2018: Oh, and they just added Paul Reubens to the bill, too. Y’know, Pee-wee Herman! You stoked for this yet? I know you are, but what am I?

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Here’s some news worth giggling about for 10 hours: After scoring big names like Mark Hamill, Carrie FisherStan Lee and Tim Curry in recent years, the seemingly forever-expanding Dallas Fan Expo just announced that the god Jeff Goldblum himself will be joining the guest lineup of its 2018 offering, which will go down at Dallas’ Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center on April 6, 7 and 8.

Goldblum, who will be reprising his iconic role as Dr. Ian Malcolm in this summer’s Jurassic World 2, joins an already star-studded list of guests slated to appear at the Fan Expo, which, if not necessarily the best such deal in the region, is certainly its biggest — for better or worse.

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So who will be joining Goldblum at this year’s deal? let’s rundown the highlights real quick:

  • The absolutely fucking great and immensely likable Michael J. Fox, who honestly might actually be a bigger coup than Goldblum, although just debating that over internally in my mind right now is stressing me out and I’d rather not have to choose, OK? Heavy! Welp, never mind. He had to cancel.
  • Hollywood’s Aquaman/Game of ThronesKhal DrogoJason Momoa!
  • Colt 45 spokesman and noted Han Solo frenemy: Billy Dee Williams!
  • Gotham‘s Jim Gordon but really The O.C.‘s Ryan Atwood: Ben McKenzie!
  • Noted guardian (of the galaxy) and co-star of the shockingly great Jumanji reboot Karen Gillan!
  • Jean Grey herself (and Goldeneye villain) Famke Janssen!
  • Serenity‘s object of Captain Mal Reynolds’ forever affection, Morena Baccarin!

You can see the whole list — including impressive replacements for the above X’d-out guests (Ben Affleck! Chuck Norris! Cary Elwes! Val Kilmer! Three of the Stranger Things kids!) — here.

There will also be vendors galore and a shit-ton of cosplayers, no doubt. Of course, we should also note that attending deals like this are never cheap: Tickets — available here — start at $25 for single-day passes and go all the way up to $675 (not counting fees) for three-day VIP passes, and that’s before you factor in what the above-listed stars charge (rates vary) for autographs and/or photo opportunities.

On the other hand… Jeff Goldblum!

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