Don’t Hate The Cosplayer, Hate The Game.

We Took 100 Photos Of Cosplayers At This Weekend’s Fan Expo In Dallas, And We Noticed Some Disturbing Trends.

All photos by Jason Kauzlarich.

Listen, we love cosplay. We really do.

But we also have a bone to pick with cosplayers. So let’s just get right into it.

Please stop. Please stop with the Negan cosplay — we get it, you have both a baseball bat and a leather jacket at home. Please stop with the Deadpool cosplay. And please please please stop with the Negan/Deadpool cosplay mashups, too.

Oh, and please stop with the Harley Quinn cosplay also.

This past weekend at the Fan Expo at the Dallas Convention Center, we saw probably 30 to 40 people dressed as each of the aforementioned. It was too much — to the point where we actually just considered running a slideshow of the best Negan and Deadpool cosplayers from the weekend alone.

But that wouldn’t be fair to the other people who put some real time and creativity into their costumes at this weekend’s convention, including a very good Godzilla and an equally good original Cylon. See what we mean in the above slideshow.

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