Are You Interested In Dallas Culture? Need To Flex Your Creative Muscles Before You Go Insane In Quarantine? A Central Track Internship Might Be The Fix!

As the conversation about safely opening schools back up drags on (we don’t understand why it needs to be a debate either), we know you’re probably looking to land an internship credit for the fall semester at one of DFW’s many universities. Or maybe you’re just an area creative looking to build on your skills. Either way, Central Track could be the right fit for you.

We’ve been navigating the strange circumstances of internships in a pandemic-ridden world for a few months now, and we’ve figured out what it looks like for our publication — well, mostly!

Rest assured, we won’t debate making you come into our office, because to be honest, we have enough common sense to understand it’s too risky in the middle of a deadly pandemic. But if you stay up on Central Track content — and to a larger degree, our biting voice of the people — you probably already knew that.

So, if you have a passion for all things Dallas culture, or want to discover more of it, taker a loot at these descriptions for more on what we’re looking for:

  • Editorial Interns. Ideal candidates here are not just interested in Dallas culture (music, nightlife, fashion, restaurants, bars, etc.), but also at least a little familiar with it. Applicants should be strong, efficient and prolific writers. Responsibilities will include assisting in our day-to-day operations, maintaining and contributing to our daily event previews and crafting other articles for publication, both pitched and assigned.
  • Photography Interns. The perfect candidates here should be well-versed in all aspects of Adobe Suite, and creators in their own rights. We seek interns who are eager to help our writing staff better visualize their stories, and who are also capable of telling their own stories through visual means. Responsibilities will include photo editing, creating infographics and shooting events that take place throughout the market. That said, don’t expect to be out shooting concerts and social events (we’re in a pandemic, remember?) this time around. There are plenty of protests happening these days, though. Also, all photography interns should be prepared to write just as much as they are to take photos.
  • Social Media/Graphic Design Interns. Candidates here should be obsessed with social media, branding and well-versed in Google’s G Suite. Responsibilities include conceiving and executing social media campaigns, assisting with event production, graphic design and photo editing.

For now, internships with Central Track are unpaid, but very well could (and often do) lead to paid opportunities after the internship ends. Paid internships are something we’ve been focused on, but being a small business during COVID-19 doesn’t make that very easy. Applicants interested in a Central Track internship should seek to fulfill internship through their school for course credit in exchange for their experience. (If you’re not sure about the criteria for your university’s policies on internships, ask your adviser!)

Now, what exactly does an internship at Central Track look like? Much like any media company, every day will probably be a little different. Our past interns have assisted us in organizing the biggest night of the year for us, had the chance to hang out with some of Dallas’ best local talents (see the cover image of this post) and cover ongoing protests happening across North Texas.

Before the pandemic, our interns were required to come into our Deep Ellum offices  10-15 hours a week, but with your safety in mind, that’s just not the move right now. Much like, well, almost everyone, we have adapted through zoom meetings and phone calls to meet both your needs as an intern and Central Track’s needs as a business. However, any gear you need, like say a camera, is on you. Writing is the core of what we do though, so bank on that regardless.

If all of that gives you even a glimmer of excitement in these downright dismal times, then send your resume, no cover letter (those are antiquated, let’s be real) and links or attachments of examples of your work to editor Alec Spicer at alec [at] centraltrack [dot] com with a “FALL 2020 INTERNSHIP” subject line.

The deadline to apply for a Fall 2020 Central Track internship is 5 p.m. on Friday, August 14, 2020.

Remember to stay home and wear a damn mask.

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