Can You Believe It’s Been A Whole Week Since Our Second Annual Celebration Of The Dallas Music Scene? Relive The Revelry With This ‘Prize’ Of A Video.

We’ve already covered a great deal of ground in regards to recapping our 2020 Central Track Music Honors.

We wrote a post revealing the acts who earned the top honors distinctions at our second annual, Granada Theater-hosted February 19 event, and we shared two different photo recaps of the night — one featuring the vibes from in and around the venue and the night’s performances, plus a second set of shots from the photo booth and award-acceptance area we had set up out in the lobby.

But what we haven’t yet done is shared any of the video we captured from that night. So, hey, here’s a post doing that — shot by our own WolfPat and featuring the 2020 Central Track Music Honors Best Song-nominated “Grand Prize” by Oscar DeLaughter.

Sure, it’s only been a week since the event has passed — but it’s still a thrill to look back at the footage of the night and remember what a legitimate amazing time we had with y’all, checking out some fire performances and celebrate this vibrant music scene that we’re so honored to be able to cover.

Oh, and if you want to hear more? We’ve got you covered there, too. Check out our Spotify playlist featuring the 2020 Central Track Music Honors winners! And subscribe to our feeds there while you’re at it.

Here’s looking forward to next year!

Cover photo of Claire Morales performing at the 2020 CTMH by Mike Brooks.

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