From Hip-Hop And Hardcore To Classic Rock And Pop-Country, There’s A Dallas Stars Look For Music Fans Of Every Shape And Size.

It’s a big day in the world of Dallas sports uniforms!

On the one hand, the Dallas Mavericks’ latest City Edition uniforms leaked (per usual) through an area retailer before the team itself could announce them — and, even with a change-of-pace gold, gray and white colorway, the results are as underwhelming as recent history might lead one to expect.

On the other hand, this morning the Dallas Stars rather formally introduced their latest and greatest in apparel following a refreshingly coordinated rollout.

Understandable Monster Energy jokes aside, the third jersey to enter the Stars’ regular rotation since the team’s 2013 rebranding is a clean, stark look — and, perhaps picking up on the thirst that fans exhibited over last year’s one-off Winter Classic sweaters, the introduction is a smart play on the part of the team’s front office.


The new sweaters — deemed the team’s “Blackout” alternates per the additional info and details found here — officially go on sale on Thursday, October 29, at 9 a.m. both online and at The Hangar’s locations in Dallas and in Frisco.

We expect they’ll move some units, too. While hockey sweaters have been an en vogue fashion choice even off the ice for a few years now, these new Stars uniforms seem to fill a very specific void that the other options in the team’s stylistic repertoire just can’t.

I mean, can’t you already picture every EDM festival-headlining act rocking these bad boys during their Dallas sets for years to come? We’ve hardly been able to thing about anything else since we first saw them earlier this morning.

And that got us thinking: What does each Dallas Stars sweater from throughout the years say about the music tastes of the people that buy them?

Here’s where we landed on that super important, not at all objective matter.

EDM Junkies

I mean, c’mon. The neon alone.

Nu-Metal Diehards

Because there’s no accounting for taste.

Hardcore Disciples

Straightforward and straight edge are a natural pairing.

Country Enthusiasts

The stars at night! Are big and bright!

Hip-Hop Heads

Throwbacks never miss.

Classic Rock Snobs

Some vibes are always in style.

Top 40 Fans

An obvious choice isn’t necessarily a bad one.

Cover photo by Sean Berry.

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