Much Like The Dallas Mavericks Navigating Round One Of The Playoffs, We’re Channeling The Strength And Determination Of Taurus SZN.

Even if you’re one of those adamant horoscope deniers — yes, Taurus folks, we’re looking at you — we here at Central Track, since our earliest days as a website, have long chosen to believe that one’s zodiac sign really does say a lot about a person. For more Zodiac content, peep our Dallastrology archives.

Taurus SZN is officially here in all of its tenacious glory.

If you’re struggling to be productive and tedious tasks have felt like more of a drag than usual, this is the ideal time to tap into your inner power and get started on whatever it is you’ve been avoiding. Taurus’ are typically goal-oriented, motivated and reliable — so use this time to finish up last-minute projects and tie up any loose ends in your life. Since Taurus is an earth sign, the season is characterized by practicality, consistency and steady strength.

With round one of the NBA playoffs in full swing, we hoped the Dallas Mavericks would tap into some of the dominant Taurus energy as they face off with the Utah Jazz — and they did! They fell to the Jazz at the American Airlines Center last week in the first game of the series but quickly reclaimed their glory in game two, so we think the team has been doing Dallasites proud so far. In last night’s game, they saw a 126 to 118 victory.

We’re wishing both you and the Mavericks experience a Taurus season that’s full of revitalization, productivity and success.

But first, here are how the signs are not keeping their eye on the ball.













Photo by Jerome Miron.

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