Strength In Numbers: Scenes From Saturday’s Women’s March In Dallas.

Americans Of All Sizes And Shapes Showed Up En Masse To Make Their Voices Heard At Dallas’ Sister Rally For Saturday’s Historic Women’s March On Washington.

All photos by Rob Martinez.

Dallas has been no stranger to political protests, rallies, marches and other public demontrations over these past 18 months. Saturday’s March through Downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum — one of many sister events around the country that was organized in support of the simultaneous Women’s March on Washington — continued that run on mass showings of strength and solidarity.

But, and this is important, it wasn’t even the only one to take place around town this weekend. Whereas today’s protest mostly centered around a defense of women’s rights, Friday gatherings across town focused their frustrations more on immigration policies and anti-inauguration messages.

Still, in terms of draw, Saturday’s Women’s March visibly dwarfed those Friday protests — as it did perhaps any other similar event the city has seen in recent memory, too. Early estimates put the Dallas march’s attendance into the thousands, with D Magazine noting that the line of marchers took a full 30 minutes to pass as it made its way along its route, from front to back.

In Washington today, mere minutes away from where an estimated 500,000 marchers descended, White House press secretary Sean Spicer attacked the media on Saturday for its fixation on attendance figures like these, claiming that it focuses too much on these numbers, which are, in the President Trump administration’s estimation, neither accurate nor even possible to verify.

We suppose that is, well, a defense against a clear sign of unrest. But it’s a weak one. Visuals like the ones you’ll see above from Saturday’s march in Dallas — which come to Central Track via photographer, videographer and musician Rob Martinez, who was on the scene, camera at the ready — don’t need a counter to tell their tale.

In the coming days, we’ll have more coverage of this weekend’s activism — of Friday’s gatherings in Dallas, and of what took place both in Dallas and in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. In the meantime, we dare anyone to debunk the passion on display — not just from women, but from Americans of all ages, races and genders — in this photo set from today’s action in Dallas.

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