Pipe Down.

Dallasites Took The #NoDAPL Protests To Energy Transfer Partners’ Doorsteps This Week.

Earlier this week, you may recall, we pointed out the Dallas connection to the now-national conversation surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline — namely that the company with the majority stake in that proposed pipeline is the Dallas-headquartered Energy Transfer Partners, whose CEO is Dallas billionaire Kelcy Warren.

Beyond the fact that he paid $10 million in 2012 to name the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park after his son, Warren also appears somewhat to be a man of contradiction. He profits off of natural resources, and yet he’s also a board member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission — a seat he’s slated to hold through at least January 2021.


Naturally, none of this information has sat especially well with Dallas activists who oppose the proposed pipeline, its path through various burial sites, sacred grounds and water sources for Sioux Native American people of Standing Rock in North Dakota.

On Tuesday evening, these people showed up in numbers to Energy Transfer Partners’ Dallas offices at 8111 Westchester Drive peacefully make their displeasure known with placards, chants and marches. Photographer Oh Jee Nam was on hand at the protest.

Here are his images of Dallasites fighting the good environmentalist fight.

All photos by Rhombi Survivor/Oh Jee Nam.

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