Through Mental Health Awareness And Horoscopes, Dallas Pop-Punk Artist Penny Bored Hopes To Connect With Others Who Battle Their Own Personality Traits.

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Penny Bored – “Gemini”
RIYL: reading your daily horoscope
What else you should know: Penny Bored puts the “Hey, what’s your sign?” question into a different perspective.

You’ve surely had to answer that question before — it’s kind of an ice-breaker, and sometimes deal-breaker, when you’re on a date. Some people are die-hard believers that our lives are influenced by the stars’ alignments, but for others it’s a huge eye-roll. Despite how cliché it might sound, don’t you think those personality descriptions of your sign kind of make sense?

For Penny Bored, the concept is totally honest, and the performer is not shy to admit how it could raise red flags. Regardless, Penny Bored — the solo project of Dallas alternative pop artist Faith Alesia — isn’t one to judge based on astrological signs.

The act’s latest track “Gemini” was released in August, and it’s not only a song about the reflection of Alesia’s own volatile sign, but meant as a way to help others connect to each other. In “Gemini,” Alesia takes things past Gemini SZN and back to the MySpace era with a punk, hyper-pop anthem about the sorrows of being born between May 21 and June 20.

If you’re wondering what it feels like to be a Gemini, Alesia explains in the song: “Overthinking keeps me up at night/Drawing circles in my mind/A reflection of my sign/Seeing double all the time, Gemini.”

There are other things that have Penny Bored feeling like a Gemini. Alesia was inspired to write this song around the time they were diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which had them feeling twice as overwhelmed about juggling their emotions. The air sign, which is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux, is synonymous with being double-natured — and, coincidentally, Alesia also happens to be a twin!

If you’re a fellow Gemini and feeling attacked, no need to worry — just embrace it! Alesia believes these experiences should be shared with others so we don’t feel alone battling our own struggles. Just dance it off like a true party-animal Gemini would.

The “Hey, what’s your sign?” shouldn’t be a scary thing to answer. Well, unless you’re a Scorpio. Sorry, the stars can’t do anything for you there.

Cover photo by @oheyhope via Instagram.

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