The Latest Funky Yacht Rock Track By RickyRay And The Goons Is For Your Next Summer Fling.

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RickyRay And The Goons — “Dance”
RIYL: dancing in the bar with a hottie
What else you need to know: In our profound opinion, Oak Cliff is the créme de la créme when it comes to the Texas’ hip-hop and rap scene. Be that as it may, indie pop band RickyRay and The Goons is putting Oak Cliff on the map for another genre – alternative pop rock.

RickyRay and The Goons color Oak Cliff’s musical landscape with a funky alternative flair that is a welcomed breeze. Its latest hit “Dance,” which released June 3 and on vocalist and guitarist RickyRay Almazán’s birthday, is the perfect summer fling anthem for our summer ‘22 soundtrack. (We love you Ricky! Happy belated birthday!)

“Dance” opens with the sharp beat of a solo keyboard, played by the infamously mysterious Panda – the band’s official mascot. Who is he? Nobody knows, but the mystery keeps us coming back for more. Each band member continues to file in slowly elevating the beat.

At ten seconds in, guitarist Efren Mendoza slides in followed by bassist Ruben Almazán. The beat drops and drummer Ivan Soto hits the cymbals and the group harmonizes into a whimsical yacht rock beat. Once RickyRay comes in with the vocals, we’re already hazy with butterflies in our bellies.

The notes dance into the beat as if each band member is playing only for us, making direct eye contact and inviting us into a blissful oasis from across the room. That invitation is solidified through the lyrics meticulously composed by RickyRay himself.

“As you shake your body/ I just really want it/ let me get a better view/ Ohhh you’re so hypnotic/ love the way you flaunt it/ let me be the one you use,” RickyRay sings before the chorus.

Talk about a confidence boost! That’s the energy we’re bringing all summer long.

The song is a perfect reflection of the band’s humble morale. Each member contributes an essential element to the listener’s experience, taking us to euphoric oblivion reflective of that pure ‘80’s and ‘90’s romance we’re all yearning for.

“Dance” is the band’s second release this year. “Rose Coloured” enamored us for Valentine’s day. With four years under its belt and an impressive resume, it’s only a matter of time before RickyRay and the Goons shoot straight to the top of the charts.

For now, catch “Dance” and its other hits in person around Dallas including a set at The Green Elephant June 25.

Cover photo courtesy of RickyRay and The Goons’ Facebook page.

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