Having A Difficult Time Choosing Where To Dine Out With Your Boo? These 16 Classic Dallas Restaurants Are Guaranteed To Be A Good Romantic Time.

Finding the right place to eat with your partner can be a never-ending struggle — especially when accusations of not wanting to eat at the same place for the umpteenth time start flying and the hangry beast within them feels like it’s about to emerge to devour your face.

Well, lucky for and your boo, Dallas has plenty of amazing dining options. And, better yet, that list grows every year.

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Still, eating out can be pricey — especially if you’re looking at spots on the more romantic end of the spectrum.

So how can you find the right spot for you without dropping all kinds of dough through trial and error? Well, you can consult this list that we’ve compiled just for that exact purpose.

Just keep this in mind: Romantic dinners aren’t just for Valentine’s Day dates. If you spread the love around throughout the year, you and your boo will always be experiencing something new together and making memories. And isn’t that what love is really all about?

We think so. And we’re hopeful that this wide-ranging list of 16 classic Dallas date-night spots will help you in that endeavor.

If nothing else, it should prove handy the next time you or your boo turns to to the other and asks “So, what do you wanna eat?”

Yeah, you’re welcome.

The Grape. Yes, everyone talks about the burger. And yes, that’s because the burger is seriously awesome. But the thing I’ve noticed about The Grape – aside from the fact that nearly every chef I interview names it among their go-to restaurants – is the consistent service and chill atmosphere you are rewarded with each time you make a reservation there. Oh, and it’s delicious AF. The Luschers and chef Sarah Snow have something truly special going over on Greenville Avenue. 

Parigi. A meal at Parigi is like a visit to France. The place is at once quintessentially Dallas yet unlike anything else we have in the city. Chef Janice Provost (a badass female business owner, by the way) has been kicking ass in the kitchen for 30 years, watching businesses around her rise and fold. But she just keeps on truckin’ like a boss.

Campisi’sFor a date night of a different sort, venture out to Campisi’s, where you can canoodle over noodles and drink unidentified red wines in a dark spot where nobody knows you. Campisi’s is most certainly an institution, offering the typical Italian dishes. But don’t sleep on the thin crust pie that tastes like green olives and nostalgia.

Terilli’s. Live music, half-priced wine on Tuesdays and a phoenix-from-the-ashes-like attitude make Terilli’s the type of place folks just want to get behind. Personally, I’m a fan of the warm grilled chicken pasta salad and, of course, the Italchos, which are, yes, the Italian nachos they sound like. Terilli’s is just one of the spots doing date night right over on Lower Greenville.

St. Martin’s Wine BistroFor the sappiest of date nights, visit St. Martin’s Wine Bistro where classics like roast duck and soufflé meet house specialties like champagne brie soup and St. Martin chicken. Lean into the cliché of the first date or pretend to be someone you’re not. Either way, it’s come as you are at St. Martin’s — because pretense at an old place like this would obviously be a waste of time.

Bob’s Steak and Chop HouseCome hungry for some of the best steak Dallas has to offer when you roll up to the original Bob’s on Lemmon Avenue. If a giant glazed carrot doesn’t intimidate you, then you’re in for a good night. Prepare for folks on expense accounts, groups cheering “Happy Birthday” and couples celebrating anniversaries. It’s all good at Bob’s.

Dunston’s Steakhouse. Dunston’s is your typical old-school steakhouse, plain and simple. Better yet, this lower-end steak joint will get you all the there without forcing you to engage in  some sort of Texas Land & Cattle mishap. Besides, when a place gets mentioned as often in Dallas date night classics discussions as this spot does, it’s obviously worth a visit.

Rafa’s Cafe MexicanoClassic? Yes. Dallas? Yes. But for date night? Why the hell not! Romantic? It can be if you love queso as much as I do. Besides, I’m willing to bet that the couples that fajita together stay together. It’s a theory I’m working on.

CelebrationThis spot is so classically Dallas that people may have forgotten it’s there. Out by Love Field, this family restaurant has home cooking on lock, though. From pot roast to pudding and everything in between, prep for a casual date night and bring your stretchy pants — because, and this is maybe the best part, seconds are on the house at Celebration.

Hillstone. You remember Houston’s, right? Well, it’s been called Hillstone for a while now. But it’s essentially the same old reliable Houston’s you remember. This place is so Dallas AF, they had to change their name from Houston’s to something less offensive to Dallasites. Burgers, a French Dip, killer desserts for days and a coleslaw unlike any other are what make this place such a standby. Pro tip: Order crab cakes and watch as everyone in earshot follows suit.

Hattie’sClassy Southern cooking is alive and well in Bishop Arts — and her name is Hattie. Fried green tomatoes, four-cheese mac ‘n’ cheese and shrimp and grits are some of the fan favorites inside Hattie’s soulful dining room.

Perry’sOne of the best happy hours on this list is perfect for lovers. Well, lovers of mixed drinks and pork, that is. Perry’s Bar 79 offers sweet discounts on their regularly high-on-the-top-shelf cocktails and happy hour menu items like a Jenga-like stack of house-made Polish sausage or bacon-wrapped scallops. Or you can just impress your date by ordering three mini martinis for $11.

Steel SushiFor 18 years, Steel has been doing the sushi bar, cocktails and Asian specialties thing — and, yes, even the Wednesday night Ladies Eat Free Sushi thing. For a truly special night, reserve The Wine Room and indulge Steel’s award-winning wine collection.

The French RoomNewly renovated and reintroduced to the world like a girl at her debutante ball, The French Room is freshly painted and ready to take a bow. It’s a classic restaurant wrapped in a classic hotel, both of which have reinvented themselves beautifully. Get in there and be part of the photo opp. Do it for the ‘gram, if not for your relationship.

Javier’sYou want sparks? Javier’s will give you sparks. They fly out of the lit cinnamon sticks on the flaming coffee they make table side all over the dining room every night. The cigars are a nice touch, too.

LocalAfter 15 years in Deep Ellum, chef-owner Tracy Miller’s Local is still the elegant, candlelit restaurant that always feels like home and tastes like a dream come true. Everything on the menu is a hit, and the tasting menu is never a bad idea. You literally cannot lose at date night if you play the Local card.

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