Javier Fuentes

Thor’s Got Jokes, You Guys!

A Decade After The Birth Of The MCU, The God Of Thunder Finally Gets The Showing He Deserves With The Colorful And Entertaining Thor: Ragnarok. Thor: Ragnarok....

The Story Of A Ghost Story.

Dallas Filmmaker David Lowery Kept His New, Ambitious, North Texas-Shot Film A Secret, And Still Earned Hollywood's Acclaim. How? From its premise to its marke...

Javier Fuentes


Javier has been writing about movies for the last 8 years for various websites but Central Track is his main gig. He loves everything from the grimiest exploitation movies, to Oscar nominees and everything in between. He’s been to various film festivals and is terrible at karaoke. Despite the hellish Texas heat he loves to ride his bike and drink some fine local brews. (Follow on Letterboxd: javitron)