A Look At One Last Friday The 13th Of The Decade.

We’re Feeling Lucky After Hanging Out At Elm Street Tattoo In Deep Ellum For The Last 24-Hour Friday The 13th Tattoo Marathon Of The Decade.

All photos by Vera Velma.

Being that Friday the 13th tattoo specials were conceived  right here in Dallas by Elm Street Tattoo owner Oliver Peck, we here at Central Track have made it somewhat of a tradition to stop by for a look at all of the action

With a line of people tracing the building down the street — even in the cold — on Friday, how could we not? We aren’t even slightly surprised by the consistently high turnout for every occurrence of Friday the 13th anymore, though — Peck inked his way into the Guinness World Record books for the most 13 tattoos in 24 hours, and y’know, he’s a judge on the Paramount Network’s Ink Master.

Ultimately, a total of 1,125 tattoos were etched into the skin of non-superstitious Dallasites on Friday. We were there to catch the moment of relief from the exhausted crew at Elm Street as another Friday the 13th came and went. 

If you missed out on the questionable decision making this time, don’t sweat, the first Friday the 13th of 2020 falls in March.

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