With A New Law In Effect, It’s Now Your Dick Pic Vs. The State Of Texas. We Wish You The Best Of Luck. (LOL, JK. No We Don’t.)

It’s a tough week to be one of those people who have convinced themselves everyone wants to see their unsolicited nudes.

After a new Texas law officially went into effect on September 1, the DM terrorism that is unwanted nude photos is now a class C misdemeanor with a possible fine of up to $500, thanks in part to Texas state representative Morgan Meyer of Dallas. It’s over for that guy you met one time at a bar on spring break but made the mistake of adding on snapchat. And that weird Tinder match you gave your number to once you got past the “20 questions” phase. And nearly every creep without a profile photo on Grindr.

Let’s all just take a second to enjoy an overdue sigh of relief.

On a real note, this shouldn’t affect you at all, simply because why would you do that to someone to begin with, if we’re being honest? (It is sexual harassment, after all.) What ever happened to a simple “hello,” anyway? Actually, we take that back — some of you seem to think “hello,” is enough of a warning for your dong’s unwelcome introduction. Just delete the account.

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