Exclusive: Stream Zhora’s New Single, “Lights.”

If it feels like its been a while since we last heard from Zhora, the intriguing electro-pop outfit fronted by Dallas’ Taylor Rea, well, that’s because it has been a while.

But that’s been by design. Rea’s group underwent some fairly sweeping lineup changes back in May after she linked up with area producer Adam Pickrell, whom Dallas music fans may recall from, among other things, his former role as the co-host of Tony Schwa’s Cool Out Mondays. And, since his pairing up with Rea, the two have retooled the band and taken its sound in something of an even glossier direction.

Rea’s happy with the changes: “I’m fortunate to work with the people I do,” she says. “Adam Pickrell is a talented producer and musician.”

Pickrell, too, feels the love.

“We’ve been putting in some time,” he says of the band’s new output. “Taylor is awesome to work with. Such an amazing attitude and desire to create music.”

Together, the two are now taking Zhora down somewhat of a Sleigh Bells path, as filtered through School of Seven Bells — or so it would appear based off repeated listens to “Lights,” the first single co-penned by the twosome (along with frequent Pickrell collaborator Tiger Darrow) and first Zhora track produced by Pickrell, which the band has been kind enough to pass along as an exclusive stream for Central Track readers. Check out the song below.

A bit of a warning, though: This song, Rea says, isn’t necessarily a grand look into the future, definitive sound of the band. That much, she says, is still be determined as she continues to write.

“They’re all different,” Rea says of her songs. “I’m taking this one step at a time. When I release an album, it will be my first. So, I am in no hurry to rush things. Although I would love to have an album, tour and make (some) money, most important I want to continue being happy.”

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