We Took Stars Of Television And Film Who Have Dallas Ties And Mixed Them With Their Co-Stars. Do You Know Which One’s The Dallasite?

Appreciating and displaying local Dallas talent has always been one of the core jams of Central Track, but occasionally it’s fun to point out the A-listers that had their start here as well.

We’ve been looking at personalities of the small and big screen — beyond the usual suspects (Selena, Demi) to seek out those who were born and/or bred in our humble city. There are certainly some surprises in there.

Today, we’re taking the actor with Dallas-ties, mixing them with their respective co-stars and asking you to identify the local. With a variety of genres and decades, it’s quite a cast of characters.

Good luck!

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Which of These TV/Film Personalities Are From Dallas?

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Which actor from Firefly was born in El Paso and raised in Plano?

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Which actor from Lovecraft Country was born in California, moved to Dallas, and attended Cedar Hill High School and Duncanville High School?

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Which actor from season 2 of Fargo was born in Dallas and raised outside of Waco?

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Which voice actor from Young Justice was born and raised in Dallas?

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Which cast member from Search Party was born in Dallas?

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Which actor from Valley of the Dolls was born in Dallas?

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Which actor from Horse Girl was born in Alabama, but raised in Keller, TX?

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Which actor from Everybody Hates Chris was born in Dallas?

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Which actor from The Good Place was born in Dallas?

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Which actor from The Royal Tenenbaums was born and raised in Dallas?

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