We’d Normally Be Celebrating The North Texas Music Community With A Bevy Of Central Track Music Honors Nominations Right Now.

Normally by now, we would have already announced our plans, nominations and performers for our annual 2021 Central Track Music Honors — “normally” being the operative word there. 

Because we aren’t living in normal times — y’know, like when you could pop into a show at Three Links on any given night of the week or catch your favorite touring act down the street at Bomb Factory — our plans, as with everyone’s, just have to change. 

Truth is we’re still not 100 percent on what the plan is yet, as it’s barely possible to plan for tomorrow in these bizarre times we’re living in. No, we don’t count our chickens before the eggs hatch around here — even if Dr. Anthony Fauci did recently predict concerts will return in fall of this year, so long as vaccinations are distributed at the right rate. 

What that means for us — be it an outdoor version of CTMH 2021, a more conventional showcase or maybe even something virtual if need be — remains to be seen. Fact is, we want to do this annual tradition of ours justice. We want to do it right, in a way that’s safe for artists and our readers alike. Of course, we’ll keep you updated as we become better prepared to share what that vision will look like.

Waiting on this front is disappointing, we know, especially given the bang-up year Dallas music had in 2020 in spite of the shit show we tried our best to weather throughout it. None of it will have been in vain, though, as our 2021 CTMH — no matter how late in the year it happens — promises to recognize all that great music that was released during a time when we needed it most.

When the opportunity strikes for that, we know it’ll be an amazing time. Just looking back on our 2020 music honors — a mere month before any of us knew it might be the last time we stepped into a live entertainment venue for so long! — is all the reminder we need of the infectious and electric community we so adore.

We’ll see y’all soon!

Cover photo by Mike Brooks.

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