On February 19, We’re Taking Over The Granada Theater Again And Celebrating The Dallas Music Scene For The Second Annual Central Track Music Honors!

We’re running it back, y’all.

Back in February, as you no doubt vividly recall, we threw our first-ever Central Track Music Honors event — a big ol’ honkin’ bash at the Granada Theater that went all out to celebrate the ever-vibrant Dallas music scene.

Our hope with that inaugural affair was to bring a fresh attitude and new perspective to the tired traditional local music awards show format — and to accomplish that while emphasizing celebration over competition, hyping inclusivity over exclusivity and spreading love to all corners of the Dallas music scene by honoring the performers, producers, photographers, videographers and various other integral contributors to the area scene’s many successes.

It was a fucking blast, too:

So, yeah, you bet your ass we’re doing it again!

On Wednesday, February 19, at the Granada Theater, we’ll host the 2020 Central Track Music Honors, and raise our glasses to all things Dallas music scene-related.

Over the course of that night, we’ll rock out to some of the most gifted musicians that this great region has to offer, and hand out more than 50 awards to them and to their many deserving peers. Those honored on this night will be again be selected via a democratic, public and open voting process involving a carefully compiled ballot featuring a wide and varied array of categories.

As with our first go-around, the 2020 Central Track Music Honors will also continue emphasizing this town’s glorious sounds by enforcing a “less talk, more rock” policy, with award acceptances happening outside of the main venue space at the Granada, which we’ll wholly reserve for showcases of our city’s shining music stars.

Also following the 2019 event’s lead, the 2020 affair will remain free to attend for any and all who care to join us — well, until we hit capacity, anyway. If you’d prefer to avoid the possibility of getting stuck on the outside of this night’s fun, you can guarantee your way in to the party by purchasing a $5 advance ticket right here. (In exchange for that added effort, we promise to give you something special in exchange. Those who bought advance tickets to the 2019 Music Honors got their first drinks of the night on us, and you can expect something similar along these lines this year, too.)

We’ll keep on rolling out regular updates and additional details about this year’s Central Track Music Honors in the coming weeks and months. Keep your dials tuned here — and to our FacebookInstagram and Twitter feeds, naturally — to stay up on all of the specifics as they get unveiled.

Most importantly, though, just be sure to mark February 19, 2020, on your calendars — and to prepare for attending by RSVPing to the Music Honors’ Facebook event page.

We’d be honored if you’d join us.

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