Say Goodbye To Our 2020 Central Track Music Honors Coverage By Watching This Year’s Winners Thank You For Supporting Their Effort Through Your Votes.

Well, folks, this is it. Finally, we’ve reached the end of our 2020 Central Track Music Honors coverage rum.

There’s certainly been plenty of it already to date — a post revealing the acts who earned the top honors distinctions at our second annual, Granada Theater-hosted February 19 event, a photo set featuring the vibes from in and around the venue and the night’s performances, a second slideshow of shots from the photo booth and award-acceptance area we had set up out in the lobby and even a look-back video recapping the amazing energies and vibes of the night.

Now, we’re capping things off with the below clip — a video collection of the acceptance speeches that the entities our public polls determined were deserving of a Top Honors nod at this year’s festivities. Filmed outside of the main performance area (so as not to halt the nonstop action in there), this footage features our favorite acceptance speeches of the night.

It’s a charming watch, if we may say so ourselves, and we hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do.

We’ll see you next year!


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