After The 2020 Central Track Music Honors Bash Wraps Up, Join Us And DJ Poizon Ivy As We Keep The Party Going Next Door At Sundown At Granada.

At this point, you should know well the plan for  our second annual Central Track Music Honors event, which is going down this Wednesday, February 19, at the Granada Theater.

If you somehow don’t, here’s the quick CliffsNotes version:

  • The doors open at 7 p.m.
  • Bucking the traditional awards show bog-downs, this bash will once again feature no on-stage awards presentations or acceptance speeches to get in the way of the party inside the venue.
  • Instead of the usual rigmarole, the night’s Honors winners — democratically selected from our pool of nominees by a record number of ballot submissions this year — will be unveiled throughout the night on the venue’s video boards, and those acts will then pick up their custom trophies out in the lobby area.
  • We’ve got 12 different Central Track Music Honors-nominated acts performing at the thing across two stages inside the venue — and we’ve also added a third, outdoor (weather-permitting) stage where for open mic performances.
  • Basically, it should be as good an opportunity as exists to quickly — and affordably — learn about a bunch of the most talented musicians in this town by seeing them do their thing live, right in front of their peers, in a celebratory and inclusive environment.
  • If you want to guarantee your way in to what we expect to be an at least near-capacity event, you can do so by purchasing a $5 advance ticket right here, and you’ll be rewarded with a free drink from our sponsors at Deep Eddy Vodka. (Think of it like pre-paying for your first beer in exchange for the peace of mind of not having to worry about being shut out in the cold.)

It’s gonna be a fucking blast, y’all.

Oh, and while the party at the Granada should be over some time around 11 p.m. and leave plenty of time for those who have work on Thursday morning to get home and get in a full night’s sleep, the party will keep on keeping on for the rest of us who feel so inclined.

Starting at 11 p.m. on Wednesday, we’ll be extending the vibes by hosting an official after-party for the Central Track Music Honors right next door at Sundown at Granada. Helming the ones and twos at this event will be one DJ Poizon Ivy, the official DJ of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the nominees in the 2020 CTMH’s Best DJ category.

Fresh off of her third straight appearance as an official DJ at the NBA All-Star Weekend — she was in part responsible for the music you heard during the All-Star Saturday Night festivities up in Chicago, including the skills competition, the three-point contests and the slam dunk contest — Ivy says attendees of our Wednesday after-party can expect a mix of everything from local stuff to dance-ready bangers throughout her set.

Best of all? This continuation of our celebration will be completely free to attend to all comers who are at least 21 years old.

The bar will also feature various drink specials thanks to our sponsors at Deep Eddy Vodka, and the room should be packed with people in great spirits whoa re looking to keep their highs going from earlier on in the night.

We look forward to giving everyone who joins us some massive high fives.

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