Donald Trump Is Already Running For A Second Term, And You Could Win A Dinner With Him When He Comes To Town For A Fundraiser Later This Month.

If we had told you two years ago that Donald Trump would be president, you’d have probably spit your pumpkin spice latte right in our faces. Still, we all know how that 2016 election played out: Somehow, Spray Tan MaGoo indeed ended up as the president of these United States.

And now the Dallas County Republican Party is welcoming President Trump to the “Trump Victory Dinner in Dallas” as he stops in town to raise funds for his re-election campaign. And you might be lucky enough to join him for dinner come October 25!

Interested? Just head here by midnight tomorrow night, fill out the form and, boom, you’ll be entered to win a dinner valued at $3,000 with President Trump and the rest of Dallas’ financial conservative elites.

Hey, it might actually be a good time! The president has had a tough year of, y’know, playing golf all the time and ignoring Puerto Rico, so a nice relaxing fundraising dinner is what he really needs right now. He’ll probably even be comfortable enough in this setting to engage in some locker-room talk with you!

Yes, we’re making fun. But it bears repeating that, despite the county voting blue and the many local protests against his election, Dallas was more receptive of Trump during the 2016 campaign than you might think. Our fair burg it ranked third in terms of donors in metropolitan areas that contributed to his presidential campaign, just behind Houston and Los Angeles.

This trip to Dallas will be Trump’s first official visit since his election, although it wasn’t supposed to be. Initially, his first trip here since his inauguration was supposed to come on September 27, although his trip to Big D was canceled after Hurricane Harvey struck southern Texas.

No word yet on if Melania Trump — or her body double — will be joining him on the visit.

Cover image via Michael Vadon at Wikimedia Commons.

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