Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama’s Immersive Installation At The Dallas Museum Is The Only One Of Its Kind In A North American Collection.

This Dallas Museum of Art’s pumpkin patch that doesn’t stretch for yards and yards. It stretches to infinity and beyond, and the line to get into it is probably going to stretch through the museum and out the door.

You see, 88-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama‘s art is the thing that Instagram dreams are made of, and given the current social media atmosphere in which we live, it has driven her eccentric style of art to go viral everywhere it is presented. And her new installation in Dallas should be no exception

Formally titled “All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins,” the installation is an arrangement of polka-dot adorned ceramic pumpkins surrounded by mirrors on all sides. It’s an idea that Kusama originally designed and put together back in 1991, and the DMA’s exhibit of it is the only one of its kind in any North American collection. It will be open to the public from October 1 to February 25.

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Impressive as the installation is, though, there is a bit of downside to it: Visitors are only allowed inside the installation for a maximum of 45 seconds. So, if your plan is to snap a selfie inside, then you better be ready to walk in with your camera already on, otherwise you’ll be wasting valuable time.

That being said, it’s a bit odd that selfie taking and sharing is encouraged for an installation that was originally constructed in 1991, back when even camera phones were a stretch of the imagination, isn’t it? Regardless, the selfies already being posted of the installation to Instagram right now — DMA members have advanced access to the exhibit before it opens to the public — do give off the sense of awe that the installation is meant to inspire.

You’re probably going to want to get ready to buy your tickets ASAP if the below selfies already shared from the installation speak to your soul.

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So excited that the #DallasArtsDistrict, for which I was one of the development #patrons, has an upcoming #exhibit of #YayoiKusama. Dallas is one of only five cities that will feature Kusama #artworks. The #DallasMuseumofArt will showcase its recently-acquired work by #Kusama, an “Infinity Mirror Room” installation titled All the Eternal Love I Have for the #Pumpkins (2016). Originally on view last year at Victoria Miro Gallery in #London, the installation is comprised of a series of #acrylic yellow gourds covered in black polka dots. The #museum is touting the work as “Kusama’s first mirror-room work featuring her #pumpkin #sculptures since 1991,” and notes that “no other museum in North America has a similar work”. Yasss Dallas! Exhibit runs Oct 1, 2017 – February 25, 2018

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Oh my gourd! #yayoikusama #seeingspots #dallasmuseumofart

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Cover image via the Dallas Museum of Art Facebook Page.

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