This Week In Dallas, You Can Say Oh, Hello To Nick Kroll, Pinch The Barenaked Ladies, Fall In Failure’s Backyard, Kiss Kiss MGK And More.

Happy summer, Dallas.

This is the season with the most fun going on and we’re making sure we got you covered every step of the way by including only the best and most local events for this column every Monday. But in order to do that, we need to secure Central Track’s future.

ICYMI, this publication is for sale. The pandemic has gut-punched businesses everywhere, meaning less ad sales for us which has led to the decision of seeking out a new owner. We have a dream list of potential owners, but really we need someone who loves Central Track for what it is and wants to help it grow while still retaining the core spirit.

Things To Do is one of our staple “things” here and serves a lot of Dallasites, so we want to keep doing it, along with the other sorts of important articles we put out five days a week.

Quite a few inquires have been made, so if you’re in the market for a Dallas-based arts and culture publication, please email our founder at Pete [at] centraltrack [dot] com before someone else swoops in.

Now that we got all that out there, here is this week’s lineup of good times and hip happenings.

Frances Tingle

Monday (6/6)

Monsta X at Dickies Arena
MONSTA X’s NO LIMIT US Tour is its first since the We Are Here Tour in 2019. The group was formed back in 2015 during a reality show competition, No. Mercy. It has heavy influences from EDM and rap, resulting in a glitchy and tough sound while maintaining the boy band charm. This will be some of the edgiest K-pop you will ever hear. — Juan Salinas II

“The Real Sexual Jeremy” Album Release And Tour Kickoff at Rubber Gloves
Sexual Jeremy is kicking off its The Real Sexual Jeremy tour at Denton’s best venue. The band started back in 2021, but you can see improvement in just this short amount of time. Deconstructing rock music formulas while effortlessly inventing new ones is Sexual Jeremy’s signature and it shows in this new album. As a bonus, other bands will be there ranging from jazz to death metal. — JS

Tuesday (6/7)

Hombres G at House of Blues
Originally from Madrid, Hombres G’s uprise in the early ’80s was influenced by the British new wave movement that later stretched across Latin America. if you grew up in a Latinx household, you’ve definitely have heard of Hombres G. The Spanish rock band’s track “Devuélveme a mi chica” gave them commercial success and remains one of its most popular mostly due to its adolescent nature and punk attitude. It’s also still an influence for many young Latinx artists today. Take your Latino dad with you if you’re going. It’s what he would want. — Stephanie Salas-Vega

Barenaked Ladies at The Pavillion at Toyota Music Factory
After being rescheduled, the Barenaked Ladies are finally bringing its act Last Summer On Earth Tour to Irving, along with some guests. The Canadian rock band will be joined by two other bands: Gin Blossoms and Toad the Wet Sprocket. All these acts have decades of experience, so they know how to put on a show. Maybe if you ask nice enough, the Barenaked Ladies will play The Big Bang Theory theme song. — José Romero 

Wednesday (6/8)

Jesus Castille (Midnite Comedy) & Friends Comedy Showcase at Addison Improv
Jesus “Midnite” Castillo is already a good way to get people through the door, but having him joined by six of his comedian friends is guaranteeing a good time. Castillo will be joined by Joey Johnson, Jared Collins, Derrick Cakley, Kasey T Evans, Kate Greathouse and Shed G, promising a much-needed night of laughs. It’s worth going just to support local comedy. — JR

Thursday (6/9)

The Troumatics, 52hzWhale, Mom As A Teenager at Main at South Side
Indie bands unite! It’s one hell of a show when you bring Denton’s Mom as a Teenager, Arlington’s 52 hz Whale and Fort Worth’s The Troumatics together. This is homegrown rock gold like you’ve never seen before. — DG

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears at The Kessler Theater
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears are the perfect example of the fluidity of soul music. Everything works perfectly together, from the instruments to Lewis’ vocals. It’s a prime example of what magic can happen when you put a bunch of talented people into a group. As a nice cherry on top, the band will be joined by Cedric Burnside, an equally talented blues musician. — JR

Battlegrounds 2v2 battles at Ruins
DJ Leo J, Claudette “Boogie” Brewer and break dancer David “Soul Bot” Jasso Jr. present Battlegrounds, a celebration of Dallas dance culture. Battlegrounds features breaking and all styles dance battles in Deep Ellum. Their night battles bring out the fiercest street dancers and for the first time their night battles will be 2 vs. 2. Dallas’ elite dancers Jessie Brownies, B Ware Sparks, Camo Conda, Lui the Great, Joshua Ruk and Joe Skillz will be on hand judging who gets crowned top breakers and all styles dancers for the night. — DG

Phantoms at It’ll Do Club
Since its formation in 2017, Phantoms has managed to make a name for itself. The pair that make the electronic act are Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola, who both worked as actors as teens. They both know how to get a crow going with dope ass light shows and great remixes. Put their music in your workout playlist and see if it doesn’t energize you. It’s better than pre-workout. — JR

Cheers to Ocelots at Funky Picnic Brewery and Cafe
Here’s a chance to help save an endangered species while having a good time. Fort Worth AAZK, with the help of Funky Picnic Brewery and Cafe, is having 1$ beer from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. — all profit will go as a donation to Friends of Laguna Atascosa. Roughly 60 Ocelots are left in Texas, so let us do our part to save them. By getting wasted. — JS

The Flex at Tulips
Coming to us straight from New Amsterdam is The Flex a.k.a. Flexican, a Mexico born producer and DJ. This is that once in a lifetime ish. Show up and vibe out with exceptional skill with rhythm featuring hip hop, electronic, baile funk and breakbeat. — DG

Friday (6/10)

Nick Kroll: Middle-Aged Boy at House of Blues
Being one of the funniest people alive, Nick Kroll has set the bar high for what people expect from his stand-up shows. He co-created the absolute hit of a show Big Mouth, and has most likely had a cameo in a comedy movie/show you’ve watched recently. Go watch some sketches from the Kroll Show. They’re so damn funny. — JR

Endgray with Tigris at Andy’s Bar
Andy’s Bar is Denton square’s hub for local musicians. It is THE spot to catch DFW’s rising stars and they are packing the house with this show. Dallas hip-hop/pop artist Endgray will be headlining with Tigris, an instrumental band from Tel Aviv, Israel that pulls from East and West African music and gives it a groovy twist. But that’s not all. Andrew Boaz, Brodi Banks, Camden James, KLOVER, Lady Winters and Baby Ave will also hit the stage. — DG

Latin Night: Salsa & Bachata Lessons at Oak Cliff Cultural Center
Don’t know how to dance to salsa or bachata? Don’t fret, the Oak Cliff Cultural Center has got you covered. This free workshop is beginner friendly, focusing on getting the foundations of the traditional dances down. If you’re looking to woo someone, this is the first step. Nobody can resist the charged melody of salsa or bachata. Just show up and be ready to break a sweat. — JR

Bad Dad Jokes and Dust Mothers US Tour Kickoff Show at Rubber Gloves
Say goodbye and good luck to Bad Dad Jokes and Dust Mothers as they kick off the Family Affairs Tour. The psych surf rock show is anticipated to be their biggest show yet with guests Maestro Maya and Sour Star Head. — DG

Taste of Dallas at Dallas Market Hall
Since 1986, Taste of Dallas has gathered together some of the best dishes you can find in the metroplex. From tacos to barbecue, you’ll have a hard time finding something you don’t like. There are taste tours that’ll make curating your dishes much easier, and some of those tours have alcohol, which is a definite plus. There will be a bunch of local vendors so give them some love! — JR

Saturday (6/11)

Machine Gun Kelly at American Airlines Center
Rapper turned rockstar MGK will be at American Airlines Center for his “Mainstream Sellout Tour.” He has recently been rewarded for his genre switch at the 2021 American Music Awards when he won Favorite Rock Artist. His punk rock sound is surprisingly pretty good for someone that is new to the genre. His single “Bloody Valentine” would be a good starting point if you haven’t heard his pop-rock sound. The song was featured in the remaster of the hit video game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. — JS

Camp Nowhere 2022 at Dos Equis Pavilion
Camp Nowhere is a huge dance festival that will be featuring eight talented artists, such as Daniel Goldstein, better known as Lane 8. His electronic music mix would be a blast to experience in person. If that is not enough for you, award-winning DJ Porter Robinson will be headlining the show. The only bad news is that you can’t bring a tent. — JS

Disney DJ Night at The Echo Lounge and Music Hall
Be prepared to let it go at the Disney DJ Night. This event focuses on adults that grew with Disney as a part of their world, or those who want “Hakuna Matata” to play as they suck down on alcohol. Be their guest and feel the love that night. This event will make a Disney adult out of you, if you’re not already. After all those drinks, you’ll see the colors of the wind. You’re welcome for this suggestion. Don’t forget to whistle while you dance. — JR

Electric Tongues, The Beckleys, Los Shadows at Deep Ellum Art Company
Three bands — one venue. Each group will bring different flavors of music. Westcoast band Los Shadows is releasing a 3rd LP that brings its classic indie shoegaze sound with new splashes of psychedelic cumbia. Oak Cliff band Los Beckleys will bring it’s unique sound influenced by 80’s indie rock, soul and Latin and Ibero-American rock. Finally, Electric Tongues bring a groovy R&B blended sound that’s perfect for you. — JS

8 Year Anniversary Party at Community Beer Company
Community Beer Company is turning 8 (and 9)! Since tit couldn’t celebrate its 8th anniversary last year, it’s doing it now in its brand new location. She’s a beauty! Check it out at the 80’s birthday bash and wear a costume. Seriously, wear the costume! There might be some prizes in it for you. — DG

True Crime Mini Convention at Dallas Central Library
If you’re the type of person that likes to leisurely listen to true crime podcasts, boy do we have the thing for you — besides professional help. The Dallas Public Library is hosting a free, all day true crime convention. It’s going to have authors, wine, a keynote speaker and a crime for you to solve. Get that magnifying glass and notepad out, it’s time to figure out whodunit. — JR

Noches De Fortuna at Limbo Room
Biggest pet peeve: the Latin mix being cut short at a dance party. Quiero bailar! DJs Karsalad and Sordelo felt that. Curated by Lili Xitlalic, Noches de Fortuna is the throwback Latin party DFW needs. So much so, we wrote about it.DG

Disco TX presents Roller Boogie Skater Things at Interskate
Skate back into the 80s with a Stranger Things inspired skate party. Disco TX and Sober are bringing DJ Zack Witness back to Dallas all the way from London for another rendition of Disco TX skate party. 88 Killa is back behind the mic hosting so you know it’s gonna be a good time. Costumes encouraged for a contest judged by Jams Wallace. — DG

The Molly Ringwalds at Lava Cantina
If you’re the type of person that enjoy the ’80s, this is the show for you. The Molly Ringwalds will use nostalgia to reel you in and keep you there with its energy that you can’t find anywhere else. Check out its performance, “An Evening With The Molly Ringwalds” which won it a 2021 Silver Telly Award. — JS

Sunday (6/12)

Failure at Trees
We love a comeback story. This alternative band formed in California in 1990 and played until 1997 when they disbanded, only to regroup in 2014 and continue going strong to this day. Our favorite track is “Dark Speed” which features actor David Dastmalchain. Oh, and after you check that out, here’s the trailer for the Failure documentary, which includes interviews with music icons like Hayley Williams, Tommy Lee and Dean Deleo  — FT

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes: Who Do I Think I Am? Tour at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
Everyone needs a laugh. Anjelah Johnson Reyes is here to offer some. She went viral online with her video of her 2008 stand-up bit “Nail Salon,” which currently has over 45 million views on YouTube and jump-started her career to where it is today. — JS

From Parts Unknown, The Butts, Bullet Machine and Boof at Three Links
Four groups of local punks (and one from Austin — The Butts) are coming together this Punks 4 Planned Parenthood show. Like it sounds, a portion of proceeds will go to the organization, which will also have a table set up at the show. Because being punk means fighting oppression. — FT

Fort Songwriters Song Swap at Main at Southside
Taylor Young Band will be hitting the Chevrolet main stage at the Fair! They’ll be alongside headliners Jason Boland and the Stragglers, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. First, Matthew Broyles will be hosting as Taylor Young trades tunes with Ryan Higgs and Mike Kelley. — DG

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