As Officials Ask Citizens To Maintain Distance, Runners Crowd The Popular Uptown Trail. Maybe Take Your Workout Routines Elsewhere For The Time Being?

Since even before Dallas officials extended the city’s state of disaster declaration on Wednesday and further implored Dallasites to practice social distancing, the privately funded and community-supported Friends of Katy Trail organization responsible for the popular Dallas workout spot’s upkeep and maintenance had been taking to social media to ask that the trail’s users practice caution when using its facilities.

The organization even went so far as to turn off water fountains along its paths starting on Wednesday evening so as to minimize the possible spread of germs during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The measures weren’t enough.

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On Thursday, the Friends of Katy Trail were so disheartened by the continued volume of exercisers using the trail which runs right through the hearts of the Dallas neighborhoods of Uptown and Oak Lawn, that they took to social media to more forcefully voice their frustration at trail users — this time with visual evidence supporting their concerns.

“This is NOT Social Distancing,” read the caption accompanying a photo of the still-crowded trail. “We appreciate every Trail user but we need to do better as a community! Please consider alternative locations to getting exercise and being outside. Walking around your block or using a workout video are both great options. This is for your own safety and the safety of others.”

Considering the Katy Trail’s historically bad luck with dangerous situation, we suggest everyone take the Friends of Katy Trail up on their suggestions and work out elsewhere for the time being.

Or you could just keep on staying the fuck home throughout all this. If no one else is going out either, who cares if you get a little bit flabbier than usual?

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