We Asked Our Twitter Followers For Their Lessons Learned — About Themselves And The Government — During The Winter Storm. Here Are Their Top 50 Replies.

After more than a week of consistently sub-freezing temperatures in North Texas, area thermometers finally topped 32 degrees on Friday afternoon. But many in our state had been justifiably, if metaphorically, heated for some time by that point.

As beautiful as a snow-covered Dallas may look through a photographer’s lens, Winter Storm Uri brought Texans face to face with some ugly truths: When millions of us were stuck at home without power or running (or even just drinkable) water, our infrastructure dangerously crumbled alongside taxpayer-funded projects, and  our elected officials — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Senator Ted Cruz alike — ran for cover elsewhere, abandoning the constituents whose interests they claim to represent.

Yes, when things got bad in Winter Storm Uri’s wake, Texans were mostly forced to rely on the kindness of strangers for aid and support. That, it seems, is the big takeaway many have now that we’re mostly on the other side of this storm — but it’s hardly the sole revelation to come to light.

To that end, we asked our Twitter followers on Saturday to share their biggest lessons learned — about themselves, our city, our state, our government or our infrastructure — as a result of a trying week here in Texas.

Here are the best replies we received.

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