The Narrative Surrounding Jordan Edwards’ Death Shifts Again As Anonymous Cop Drops Bomb That Party Where Edwards Was Killed Had No Booze Or Drugs.

As more and more information continues to come out about the details surrounding the April death of Jordan Edwards, former Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver’s supposed justifications for shooting and killing the 15-year-old Mesquite High School student seem less and less viable.

This week, an officer who spoke on condition of anonymity told the Dallas Morning News that there were no illegal drugs or alcohol at the party that Edwards and his brothers attended the night of April 29. Edwards’ autopsy results, released this week as well, also revealed that the teenager had no drugs or alcohol in his system. When news broke that Edwards had been killed back at the end of April, Balch Springs police said that they initially arrived on the scene to respond to reports of underage drinking.

This is not the first time that BPSD has changed its tune in the wake of Edwards’ death becoming national news. Police also initially said that the car that Edwards and his brothers were in was shot into because it was backing up in an “aggressive” manner toward the scene’s responding officers. That narrative was ultimately changed by the department own chief, who reversed BSPD’s position that the car was ever even in reverse at all.

Combined with recent revelations surrounding Oliver’s unstable past — one that includes past disciplinary issues and new assault charges — and Edward’s already tragic death looks as if it was increasingly avoidable.

That’s certainly the stance of Edwards family attorney Lee Merritt, anyway, who took to Twitter this week to raise the question of a potential double standard in police officer-involved shootings.

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