A Breakdown Of How Much Money Was Spent On Booze At The Top Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Venues And Hotels Within Dallas Proper In October 2019.

Welcome to Bar Raised, our recurring column that proves that Texans like to spend copious amounts of their income participating in the Great American Pastime. We know this because, as Reddit user BadLemur once pointed out, the Texas Comptroller keeps tabs on that sort of thing and makes all that info public record. Any establishment in the state that holds a Mixed Beverage license must report all sales revenue generated from the sale of liquor, beer and wine at their establishments on a monthly basis. The comptroller, in turn, puts all that info into a conveniently navigable database. And then we break down Dallas’ numbers for you here.

With another month of alcohol sales within Dallas city limits now available for perusing as a matter of public record, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Dallas is will close out the 2010s with another massive year of booze-slinging.

Dallas establishments with liquor licenses reported a spooky high total of $82,490,336 in alcohol sales for the month of October, which is the second-highest sales month of the year to date (behind only March’s $85,143,280 in sales) and the highest October sales figure we’ve recorded since we decided to start tracking these numbers in 2015.

To date, through 10 months in the calendar, Dallas bars have reported a full $748,653,343 in 2019 bar sales. That’s already almost a full $18 million more than was reported throughout the entire year in Dallas in 2015.

If these sales keep up, Dallas will also check in with the highest annual total we’ve seen since keeping these tabs. Playing the averages out, Dallas is on pace to sell $898,384,011 worth of alcohol on the year. Yes, folks, $900 million is definitely in play.

As for October’s specifics? Well, it’s mostly just more of the recent same. With its sports teams back in regular action, the American Airlines Center returns to its standard winter slot near the top of this list, beaten out by this town’s undisputed booze sales champions at Bottled Blonde/The Backyard. Hotels such as the Omni, the Hilton Anatole, The Sheraton Dallas, The Ritz-Carlton, the Hyatt Regency Dallas and The Statler all performed well this month, as did Dallas Love Field, which has regularly been appearing near the bottom of our Top 20 all year long. In-demand restaurants such as Nick & Sam’s, The Henry and Te Deseo also continued their hot streaks through October, and Baby Dolls continued its reign as Dallas’ most profitable strip club.

But enough of this preamble. Here’s the full breakdown of the month’s top 20 booze-selling establishments.

Dallas Establishments With Top Gross Alcohol Sales For October 2019:

  2. LEVY RESTAURANTS (American Airlines Center): $1,212,347
  4. HAPPIEST HOUR, LLC: $829,707
  5. DFB CAPITAL LLC (Katy Trail Ice House): $786,445
  6. SALC, INC. (Hilton Anatole): $748,082
  7. SHERATON HOTEL AND CONVENTION CENTER (Sheraton Dallas Hotel): $705,920
  8. HOSPITALITY INTERNATIONAL INC (The Ritz-Carlton): $659,523
  9. NICK & SAM’S STEAK & FISH HOUSE: $655,874
  10. DALLAS REGENCY CORPORATION (Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel): $636,284
  11. EPIC ABS LLC (The Statler): $535,647
  12. TE DESEO: $525,867
  13. HERO: $519,512
  16. GILLEY’S DALLAS: $479,798
  17. COOL RIVER CAFE CRC01 (Dallas Love Field): $463,126
  18. MOXIE’S GRILL & BAR: $462,063
  19. SIDECAR SOCIAL: $453,694
  20. THE HENRY: $451,760

Total alcohol sales in Dallas in October 2019: $82,490,336.
September 2019 total: $76,303,264.

Cover photo by Manuel Frayre.

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